Christof Kreb, a 55-year-old Colorado Springs gun shop owner, killed himself, his 50-year-old wife Yvette Siegert-Kreb, and two of their children, according to police

The murder-suicide was discovered Saturday accoring to local reports, when the bodies of two adults and two juveniles were discovered at a home at 1350 Pleier Drive. 

The family was officially identified Monday afternoon. The cause of death has not been released, and no motive has yet been identified. 


Police: Christof Kreb Perpetrator in Murder-Suicide

Authorities said the bodies of Chrisof and Yvette Siegert-Kreb, and two of their children, 3-year-old Felicity and 9-year-old Barrett, were discovered at the family’s home in the “affluent” Gleneagle neighborhood of Colorado Springs. 

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office called the crime scene an “apparent murder-suicide.”

The couple reportedly had six more children who were not involved. 

According to the Denver Post, Christof Kreb was a part-owner of Specialty Sports and Supply, a firearms retailer that bills itself on its website as “the largest gun shop in Colorado.” The company was reportedly founded in 1994. 

Yvette Siegert-Kreb, reports indicate, was a retired neonatal intensive care unit nurse who was homeschooling 13-year-old Felicity at the time of her death on Saturday. 

The couple were both U.S. Army veterans, according to the Denver Post.

Friends: Krebs Were Adoptive Parents

Alexa Gromko, who has said she’s known the Krebs since 2010, called the deaths a “devastating loss for this community” in The Gazette.

“[T]he surviving family members are going to need lots of care, compassion and support,” she said. 

Gromko explained Christof Kreb and Yvette Siegert-Kreb were the adoptive parents of “six children from China, most of whom were dwarfs,” adding that their youngest biological child was also born with dwarfism. 

After Yvette’s youngest biological son was born with dwarfism, she wanted to adopt more children affected by the genetic condition, Gromko said. 

“She wanted her son to feel like he had people like him in his life, so they specifically adopted children with dwarfism,” she said. “I was so in awe of her devotion and dedication.”

She added that Yvette was a “a fierce advocate for children with disabilities, adoption and dwarfism.” 

“She was a fighter for her kids,” Gromko told reporters. “It was very admirable.”

School in Mourning

At the Colorado Spring school where the Kreb children “started their academic careers,” Gromko said the mood was “very somber.” 

“That family had touched the Discovery Canyon Campus community for many years,” she told reporters. 

Academy School District 20 spokesperson Allison Cortez said in a statement Monday said the district will offer counseling to students affected by the tragedy. 

“Moments like these are hard to process and leave us with more questions than answers,”Cortez said. “We must therefore come together and provide each other support during this difficult time.”

Authorities said Christof Kreb of Colorado Speing was a thee perpetrator of a murder-suicide. His wife, Yvette Siegart-Kreb, was killed along with 2 of their children.
Authorities said Christof Kreb of Colorado Speing was a thee perpetrator of a murder-suicide. His wife, Yvette Siegart-Kreb, was killed along with 2 of their children. The mood at the Discovery Canyon Campus, where some of the 8 Kreb children were educated, was “very somber,” reports said. Photo credit: Google Maps

4 Kreb Children Survive

Christof Kreb and Yvette Siegert-Kreb are survived by four of their children, according to The Gazette

The couple’s biological daughter Morgan Kreb is reportedly a “sophomore cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy” and is a member of the school rifle team. 

Tak, another biological son, recently left home for postgraduate education, Gromko said

One of the adopted sons was reportedly born blind, and another without legs. The exact ages of the surviving children is unclear. 

A neighbor who said he had a good relationship with the family told reporters the Kreb family “had faith.” 

“It’s tragic. Whoever did whatever, it’s tragic,” the neighbor said Sunday. “Not many people adopt kids and spend money to take care of those kids and educate them.”