A heavily armed solider, Corporal Jurgen Conings, is being hunted near Limburg, Belgium. The corporal, who is very against Covid-19 restrictions and vaccinations, threatened virologist Marc Van Ranst. After threatening Van Ranst the soldier took four rocket launchers, a machine gun, and a pistol from his army barracks and went into hiding. It is believed he is in a forest near Limburg.

Corporal Jurgen Conings left a suicide note for his family in which he explained that he “could no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything away from us.”

The solider, who served in Afghanistan, declared in a subsequent note that he “would join the resistance and would not surrender.” He was intent on hunting Van Ranst, who was forced into hiding after the incident.

The unhinged soldier had a history with Van Ranst, leading many to wonder why he had free access to such firepower, including rocket launchers. “Who has Van Ranst’s address,” Conings tweeted earlier this year.

After grabbing the guns and running into the forest to stake out his prey, Corporal Jurgen Conings is said to have sat and waited while authorities led a massive manhunt to capture him before the soldier could do any harm. More than 400 special forces entered the Hoge Kempen forest on Wednesday as they searched for the fugitive soldier. The forces were aided by German and Dutch special forces.

The manhunt, which continued into the night Tuesday, led special forces to Conings’ Audi, though the soldier’s whereabouts are still unknown. In the car they found “the most worrying weapons” according to the federal prosecutor’s office.

He is reportedly still carrying a submachine gun and a 5.7mm pistol and hiding in the national park as the search continues. The tall, muscular man is reportedly wearing a dark Timberland T-shirt and has several tattoos. According to public prosecutor Eric Van Duyse, “it is feared that [Conings] wants to carry out a violent action, against himself or against other persons, but the correct possible targets are still unclear.”

Van Ranst claimed that “there were indications that this guy had come to scout the town where I live,” and that Conings “spent a number of hours there.”

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was appalled by the incident, questioning why the unhinged soldier, who was known to be “an extreme right-wing weapons nut who does not shy away from violence,” had access to such firepower. Croo deemed it “unacceptable.”

Conings’ girlfriend said she wants “her tough, sweet teddy bear’ back,” saying he was a “loving father.” Corporal Jurgen Conings has two children and was also helping raise his girlfriend’s daughter.