Cory Hutchinson has been charged with the sexual battery of an 11-year-old girl. Hutchinson allegedly took the girl from her Panhandle home in Florida before taking her back to his apartment in Tampa.

The Florida man was charged with multiple accounts of sexual misconduct after a March investigation led to Hutchinson’s arrest. The investigation began after the 11-year-old girl was taken from her home on March 13, and for eight days remained missing before mysteriously returning home on March 21.

The girl was reported missing on March 20, seven days after her disappearance. Police began a search, however, it ended abruptly after the girl appeared back at her Panhandle home. It was only after law enforcement investigated the girl’s cell phone that they identified 30-year-old Cory Hutchinson.

Cory Hutchinson was arrested this week. He faces charges of sexual battery of a minor after taking an 11-year-old girl from her home in the Florida Panhandle. Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Police

According to the police, the girl was communicating with Cory Hutchinson during the 8-day period she was missing. Originally, police were not disclosing Hutchinson’s identity or their connection due to an ongoing custody dispute. Police have also not disclosed the particulars of the abuse.

Police learned that Hutchinson drove from Tampa to the girl’s home in the Panhandle before they returned to his Tampa apartment together. Hutchinson and the 11-year-old girl then traveled to several Florida cities including Orlando. During their unlawful excursion, Hutchinson reportedly molested the child multiple times.

Hutchinson was arrested this week and faces charges in Tampa and Bay County, according to law enforcement. He’s charged with three counts of sexual battery of a child in Tampa, as well as three counts of lewd molestation of a child and one count of traveling to meet a minor to solicit illegal acts.

Hutchinson also faces charges in Bay County. Authorities are charging him with the interference of a custody dispute, the transmission of harmful material to a minor, and the use of an electronic device to solicit sex with a minor.