Soccer star Ivan Torres’ wife, Cristina Vita Aranda, was accidentally shot and killed at the Ja’umina Fest concert in Paraguay on Sunday at the age of 29. The Instagram influencer and fitness trainer was likely not a target in the attack as shooting broke out, but instead hit by wild gunfire.

Investigation into what happened is ongoing, but Police Chief Benicio Ramirez told The Sun that she was “a collateral victim.”

Ivan Torres, her husband and professional soccer player for Paraguay’s Olimpia, was also in attendance. He reportedly suffered from a panic attack but left unscathed.

Itaugua Nacional Hospital director Yolanda Gonzalez confirmed to the press that Cristina Vita Aranda was shot in the head and “died after the lengthy attempts to save her life.”

According to The Sun, “she was intubated when she arrived and attempts were made to resuscitate her for at least 25 minutes after she went into cardiac arrest.”

Cristina Vita Aranda and two of her young children with Paraguay soccer star Ivan Torres
Cristina Vita Aranda and two of her young children with Paraguay soccer star Ivan Torres. Photo Credit: Instagram

Four other unnamed victims between the ages of 23 and 40 were also reportedly shot. They are being treated for their injuries at the hospital. Another wife of a soccer player was allegedly shot in the leg and is in stable condition, but the identity has yet to be released.

Cristina Vita Aranda was the first victim revealed by the investigation into the Jose Asuncion Flores Ampitheatre concert shooting. Minister of the Interior Arnaldo Guizzio announced that authorities are still searching for potential suspects and motive.

Writing a tribute on Instagram to his late wife, Ivan Torres shared video of the 29-year-old influencer smiling in what appears to be their wedding day.

“This is how I will remember you my love, with that beautiful smile and that big heart,” the soccer star wrote. “I promise that I will miss you very much, nothing will be the same without you.”

“Just to thank you for these 11 years by my side, for teaching me to recognize my mistakes, to forgive, to believe, to be better, to love unconditionally, that despite the difficulties we had to be prepared for the next opportunity, you told me that you wanted to reach the heart of each woman and impact them,” he continued.

“THANK YOU for those three children you gave me,” Ivan wrote, “I will honor your name by giving my best so that they look like you. Te Amo.”

Ivan Torres and Cristina shared three young children together, and were reportedly working through a rough patch in their marriage together at the time of the incident. Just this past December, the influencer wrote on Instagram that she was seeking a divorce after 11 years of being together, though many outlets reported that the couple appeared to be working through it.

A funeral will be held at Parque Serenidad on Avda Mariscal Lopez, Ivan later announced, at 4 p.m. “One of Cristina’s priorities was to be close to her followers. Those who want to say their last goodbye can” attend, he updated fans. “Out of respect at this delicate moment, the entrance to the wake room will be exclusively for family and friends.”

Ivan’s soccer team in Paraguay also canceled its training session on Monday morning to pay respects to Cristina Vita Aranda, as well as give their star some time to grieve the devastating loss.