A 60-year-old woman was found on the Croatian Island of Krk last Sunday, Sept. 12, and cannot remember her own name or how she got there. Thus far, relatives have not come forward in the Croatian Island mystery.

The woman was first found sitting on a rock in a remote part of Krk, a popular vacation spot in the Croatian Islands, on Sept. 12, People magazine reported. Fourteen members of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS), traveled by car and then about a mile on foot to come to her rescue after receiving the report.

The woman, who speaks perfect English, was found without documents. She cannot remember her own name or how she got there. Based on photos shared by the authorities, the woman seems to have been found with cuts and bruises on her face.

The unidentified woman is believed to be about 60 years old with shoulder-length hair and blue-gray eyes. She is reportedly of medium build and approximately five feet and four inches tall. She was found wearing a pink sun hat.

Courtesy of Primorje-Gorski Kotar Police Department

“She speaks English, but she does not remember her identity,” police told CNN. “She is currently located in hospital and is in stable condition.”

“Down on the shore, we found a woman with minor injuries, she also had a few scratches and was extremely dehydrated and emaciated. She could barely take a few sips of water,” the Croatian mountain service told 24 Sata.
“We placed her on a stretcher because she was unable to walk, and transported her to the hospital,” the mountain rescue service said.

While the Croatian island of Krk, the largest of the region’s Adriatic islands, is a popular spot with visitors, local residents reportedly told local news source 24 Sata that the island area where the woman was found is extremely rocky and virtually inaccessible by foot.

“It’s very strange she was in the area at all. It is an extremely inaccessible part of the bay, with terribly sharp rocks, literally like razors that will cut the rubber on the soles of your shoes,” the Croatian Island local told the news source.

The resident said there was “no life or animals…. except maybe wild boars or bears, which know how to swim here in search of food… [A normal person] certainly could not swim that distance, it needs exceptional strength,” the resident continued. They also expressed doubt that the woman had been staying in the nearby village, as they believed someone would have recognized her.

The woman was found in a state of confusion with no nearby car, no phone, and no wallet. She has no recollection of how she got on the island or who she is.

“We got the call in the morning of the 12th about the person, injured, on the beach in the remote area,” a spokesperson for the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service reportedly told People Magazine. “She has been there from the night before and obviously has spent the night there, according to the information we got…”

“Immediately our team from Rijeka reached out and located her. She was confused and disoriented, with minor bruises and wounds. Our team administered first aid and evacuated her. With that our part was done,” the spokesperson added.

“Usually we have around 1,000 missions all around Croatia and this one is not so different than any other, except the fact that we all still do not know the identity of the lady.”

Several people have responded to authorities’ appeal for information on the woman’s identity, but her identity has not yet been revealed.