The Crumbley parents made their first in-court appearance on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing as prosecutors accused the couple of providing unfettered access to the firearm used by their son Ethan during a Michigan high school shooting.

The shooting occurred at Oxford High School on Nov. 30. Ethan Crumbley shot 10 students and a teacher, killing four and injuring seven. The attack began almost immediately after Ethan’s parents left him at the school following a disciplinary meeting. Prosecutor Karen McDonald told CNN that the parents did not try to locate the gun after the meeting.

McDonald ltold CNN: “They didn’t even disclose it at that moment or check to see if their son had that weapon, or go right home and look to see where the weapon was. … We know that because right after the public being notified about an active shooter, Dad drives to his house, and it was for one reason: to look for that weapon. And finds it missing, and then makes a 911 call and says this gun is missing, and I think my son is the shooter.”

The probable cause hearing for the Crumbleys was postponed until Tuesday, Feb. 8, after prosecutors said that they were still going through hundreds of documents related to the case. The judge also postponed witness interviews in the trial, since it would have been too close to both the funerals for the victims and the upcoming holidays.

McDonald told the judge that her office is still going through an “unprecedented” number of documents, saying that “the volume of discovery in this case is staggering.”

The lawyer transferred over 500 documents to the defense team on Monday in what she called “the first wave.” Revealing that it was probably one third of the total material, McDonald said that they still had another 40 gigabytes of data to process including surveillance video, police reports, and witness statements.

James and Jennifer Crumbley were shackled and handcuffed as they entered the courtroom, partially wearing masks over their mouths. According to the New York Post, Ethan’s father was “teary-eyed” throughout the hearing, once turning and mouthing “I love you” to his wife. The couple did not speak other than to affirm “yes, your honor,” when questioned by the judge.

Held on a massive $500,000 bond, the Crumbley parents are currently in custody in separate cells within the same facility, along with their 15-year-old son Ethan, who is being tried for his crimes as an adult.

Ethan Crumbley, 15-year-old son of the Crumbley parents and suspected Oxford High School shooter
Ethan Crumbley, 15-year-old son of the Crumbley parents and suspected Oxford High School shooter. Photo Credit: Facebook

Defense attorneys Shannon Smith and Mariell Lehman have asked the court for a hearing to reduce the bond, which is scheduled for Jan. 7 after the holiday break. Smith, a high-profile defense attorney, just finished a case in court on behalf of Larry Nassar, the disgraced Olympic doctor and convicted child molester.

Representing both Crumbley parents, she told the judge on Tuesday that she did not anticipate any conflicts of interest, despite concerns from the court.

“Your honor, we have gone over this extensively with our office and with our clients,” Smith stated. “At this time there is not a conflict. We have addressed a potential conflict, how that could arise. We don’t anticipate that’s going to happen.”

According to the timeline of events leading up to the shooting, the Crumbley parents bought the Sig Sauer 9mm handgun days before the shooting, which was fully available along with ammunition within their home.

Ethan Crumbley excitedly posted a picture of the firearm on Instagram, calling it “my beauty” with the heart-eyes emoji. Jennifer Crumbley also posted a photo of the gun, calling it Ethan’s “new Christmas present,” and stated that they went to a shooting range together.

After a teacher found Ethan searching for ammunition on his phone during class, she reported it to the school, who later contacted his parents. According to text messages obtained by prosecutors, Jennifer Crumbley later sent a text message to her son saying, “LOL I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught.”

The next day, after a disciplinary meeting at school, the Crumbley parents left their son at school, where the shooting occurred. After failing to show up in court on Dec. 3, the parents fled police and were later arrested in a commercial building in Detroit.

According to CNN, James and Jennifer Crumbley each face four counts of involuntary manslaughter, while Ethan faces one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of assault with intent to murder, and 12 counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. On Dec. 1, the judge entered a plea of not guilty.