Governor Cuomo announced his resignation on Tuesday following nearly a dozen sexual harassment allegations. Cuomo’s daughters stood by his side through it all. He also frequently talked about his mother, Matilda Cuomo, during his Covid-19 press conferences, and one of his daughters was often in attendance. It was clear to everyone around the governor that he adored his daughters.

During his near 25-minute resignation speech, Governor Cuomo became noticeably emotional when he took time to address his daughters Mariah, Cara, and Michaela, calling them his “three jewels.”

“Let me say this on a personal note,” Cuomo said. “In many ways, I see the world through the eyes of my daughters. Cara, Mariah and Michaela. They are 26 and 26, twins. And 23. And I have lived this experience with and through them.”

“I want my three jewels to know this,” he continued. “My greatest goal is for them to have a better future than the generations of women before them. It is still in many ways a man’s world. It always has been. We have sexism that is culturalized and institutionalized.”

“I want them to know from the bottom of my heart that I never did, and I never would, intentionally disrespect a woman or treat any woman differently than I would want them treated. And that is the God’s honest truth,” Governor Cuomo stated. “Your dad made mistakes, and he apologized, and he learned from it.”

Following his resignation, Governor Cuomo was seen leaving in a helicopter accompanied by his daughter, Michaela. But will she continue to stand by her father?

Everything you need to know about Cuomo’s daughters and famous mom:

Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo

Governor Cuomo’s youngest daughter, 23, Michaela was born to Andrew Cuomo’s ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Governor Cuomo had three daughters with Kennedy before the two split, including his twins Cara and Mariah.

A recent graduate of of Brown University, Michaela works as the Chief Marketing Officer at The Woke Mystix, a spiritual podcast that explores astrology and “amplifying diverse voices in wellness.”

For Pride Month this past July, Michaela came out as demisexual in an Instagram post. Her father later told People “I love, support and couldn’t have more pride in Michaela.”

Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo

Twin sister to Cara, Mariah, 26, also attended Brown University, where she wrote for The Brown Daily Herald college newspaper and majored in history. With her father during the pandemic, she created a campaign with the New York Department of Health to increase face mask usage throughout New York. She currently sells designer face masks on TheRealReal.

Cara Kennedy-Cuomo

Cara, 26, twin sister to Mariah, attended Harvard University, and is an associate for her mother Kerry Kennedy’s nonprofit organization, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. Founded after Kennedy’s assassination, the nonprofit aims to to educate and protect human rights through social justice reform.

Cara Kennedy-Cuomo is also a Partner and Head of Diversity + Inclusion for Sahar Global Summits, an organization that hosts “invitation only summits focused on alternative investments.”

Matilda Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s mother, 89, Matilda was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2017 for her advocacy as First Lady of New York. During his time as Governor, Andrew Cuomo signed “Matilda’s Law,” which was an order that increased protections for citizens of New York over the age of 70 who would be more vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus.

She married the late Mario Cuomo, also a former Governor of New York, and had five children, including Andrew and Chris, a television news anchor for CNN.

As of Tuesday, the day of his resignation, his close family had all refrained from discussing the allegations.