Dale Paul Melvin, 55, of Kimball, Michigan has been linked to the suspicious vehicle found by Capitol Police in front of the Supreme Court building. The suspect, who refused to talk to authorities, later complied and was taken into custody. No harm came to anyone, and the man did not have any weapons on him.

“One of our teams just moved in and extracted the man from the SUV,” Capitol Police wrote on Twitter. “The man is in custody. Everyone is safe.”

According to NBC News, it is still unknown why Dale Paul Melvin was illegally parked in front of the Supreme Court building.

“It’s still an active investigation. We don’t have motivation at this time,” Deputy Chief Jason Bell told reporters at a press conference.

Officer Bell informed reporters that the Kimball, Michigan man said something to the effect of “the time for talking is done” as they approached the car. Officers then backed away and alerted the need for a crisis negotiator.

“At that time we backed off, had our crisis negotiation officers attempt to speak with him,” Officer Bell said. “The man was refusing to speak.”

After Dale Paul Melvin continued to refuse to communicate, Capitol Hill police closed off multiple streets leading up to the Supreme Court building and advised the public to stay away from the area.

Hoping to scare the suspect out of his vehicle, “flash bangs” were implemented and people inside were warned that a “loud bang may be heard in the area” but that “there is no cause for alarm, and no action needs to be taken by Congressional Staff.”

Eventually apprehending the suspect, authorities found that he did not possess any weapons of any kind. No motive was given as to why the man refused to speak with the police or why he refused to move his car.

“We are continuing to investigate,” the Capitol Police tweeted, announcing that the area is still being treated as an active crime scene. “We will provide more information as soon as we can,” they added.

To apprehend the suspect, Capitol police sent over a dozen law enforcement vehicles, search dogs, and a “tactical vehicle,” according to CNN.

According to The Hill, a Facebook profile that seems to match Dale Paul Melvin and his hometown included many messages that were critical of the Democrats. One of those posts was of a meme of President Clinton that expressed: “I chose other women over Hillary” and “you should too.”

Another post declared that he shared the views of conservatives who wanted closed borders, English to be taught instead of other languages, the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be protected, “mandatory drug screening before welfare,” and “no freebies to non-citizens.”

Today marked the second day of the Supreme Court’s latest term, with all nine justices present in the courtroom to hear oral arguments.

The incident comes just over a month away since a man from North Carolina parked his car in front of the Library of Congress and declared that he had a bomb. After the Aug. 19 standoff, which lasted five hours, the man eventually turned himself over to police.

Ever since the Jan. 6 insurrection of the Capitol building, Capitol police in Washington D.C. have been on a heightened state of alert. A large fence around the area was recently put back up after authorities suspected that there might have been another rally to protest many people involved in the insurrection having their charges read in court.

Only a very small crowd showed up, which The Hill reported was dwarfed by the media presence.