Dandre Maurice Lundy is accused of making a fake bomb threat against the Trump Hotel near the Las Vegas Strip. Lundy admitted to authorities that he wanted to send a message to the former president, claiming Donald Trump ruined his life.

The 44-year-old Michigan native appeared in a Las Vegas court Wednesday. He faces six felony charges, including two counts of threatening an act of terrorism. He also faces one count of using a hoax bomb and one count of burglary of a business. His bail was set at $60,000 and set a Sept. 7 deadline for prosecutors to file a criminal complaint.

Despite the six charges Lundy faces, the man has not yet been charged with a crime. An official email to Law&Crime explained that “until a criminal complaint is filed, we will have no documents to release.”

The Michigan man was reportedly arrested Tuesday at a motel near the Trump International Hotel. He remained in Clark County jail without bail until Wednesday. Reports claimed he still remained in jail as of Thursday afternoon. Dandre Maurice Lundy allegedly left a suitcase and a duffel bag at a hotel service desk Tuesday before fleeing the scene back to his motel.

Why Dandre Maurice Lundy made hoax bomb threat against Trump International Hotel? Claims former president 'ruined' his life for three years.
Why Dandre Maurice Lundy made the hoax bomb threat against Trump International Hotel? Claimed former president ‘ruined’ his life for three years. Photo Credit: mikeledray / Shutterstock.com

Once the bomb threat was made, authorities rushed to the hotel. Bomb technicians did not find any hazardous material in the suitcase or the duffel bag.  Instead, they found a bible, a rock, a $1 bill, and notes covered in handwritten scriptures. According to his arrest report, Lundy told police he put those things inside the suitcase and that he “believed Trump had messed up his life for the last three years.”

Dandre Maurice Lundy told police that he traveled from Farmingville, Mich. to Las Vegas on Monday to send a message to Donald Trump. He admitted that he understood his fake bomb threat would scare people.

While Lundy reported the faux bomb threat, the Trump Hotel’s lobby was evacuated, along with one of its restaurants. It was reported that none of the other parts of the 640-foot building were evacuated.

According to the arrest report, Dandre Maurice Lundy asked for his suitcase back. He also told officers that since no one got hurt there was no crime.

The Las Vegas Police Department said in a statement that “on Aug. 31, 2021, at approximately 1:10 p.,., the LVMPD Dispatch Center received a call of a suspicious item at a property located near the 2000 block of Fashion Show Dr.”

The statement continued, explaining that “The LVMPD ARMOR unit (The All Hazard Multi-Agency Operations and Response Section of the Emergency Operations Bureau) responded to the scene and determined the item was not dangerous.” It said the investigation was ongoing.

Amidst the hoax bomb threat, people posted to their panic on Twitter. One person explained that “someone called in a bomb threat to Trump Hotel in Vegas… My dad just sent me a video, everyone had to evacuate the building.”

Another post pointed out that “Fashion Show Mall Security says there is a potential bomb threat at neighboring Trump Tower. Nordstrom is currently locked down.”

An investigative reporter wrote on Twitter that “police and fire set up outside the Trump Hotel and Fashion Show Mall of the Las Vegas Strip.”

This is just one of many hoax bomb threats at the Trump International Hotel. In July 2020, police investigated a potential threat at the midtown Manhattan location. The threat was eventually deemed unconfirmed.

There were more bomb threats at least three Trump properties around New York City on January 7, 2021, reports claimed. One of the bomb threats reported was at the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx. Another was reported at the Trump Pavilion in Richmond Hills, Queens. The last was reported at the Trump World Tower near the United Nations in Manhattan.