Daniel Patrick Knight was shot and killed by Winter Park Police on Saturday night. The Florida wedding guest was reportedly starting fights at his niece’s wedding. His family is demanding justice and said he didn’t deserve to die.

According to reports, Florida police were called to the Winter Park Library and Event Center after 9:45 p.m. Saturday after multiple reports of an individual starting fights at the wedding. Reports said that the fighting started inside the venue, but quickly moved outside.

“It appeared he was going up to several people inside the party where he was battering people. It started inside the events center and ended up outside,” officers reported.

Police said that they confronted the Florida wedding guest after he knocked one officer unconscious. The Winter Park police tried to stop Knight, but he allegedly attacked another officer before getting shot. Witnesses reported that a large crowd started to gather when Daniel Patrick Knight was shot, and the fight quickly escalated. Daniel Patrick Knight was taken to the hospital where he later passed away.

Lt. Lisa Suepat said, “The second officer arrived on scene. We had an officer on the ground the suspect was approached there was a second physical altercation with the officer and then there was a shooting.”

The two officers who were attacked were also taken to a hospital. They were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Both officers have since been released. The officer that shot Daniel Patrick Knight has been placed on administrative leave following the shooting. All officers’ identities have been kept private.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has launched an investigation into the shooting and will determine if the killing of Knight was justified.

Daniel Patrick Knight Florida wedding guest
Daniel Patrick Knight died during his niece’s wedding Saturday. The Florida wedding guest was shot by police, an investigation is ongoing. (Credit: Twitter)

The 39-year-old’s family reported that Daniel Patrick Knight was the uncle of the bride. The bride sent a statement to NBC’s WESH on behalf of the family and said, “he was a kind gentle soul, and his only crime committed that night was drinking and having a good time with his family… This shooting was unjustified, and we are working with a lawyer and the FDLE to get the entire truth out.”

Winter Park police are referring all questions to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The organization said the investigation is active but didn’t release any additional details about the shooting.

In other police news, a Florida appeals court has overturned a ruling about a Miami cop that killed an autistic person’s caretaker back in 2016. Jonathan Aledda was reportedly found guilty of negligence for the 2016 shooting.

According to recent court reports, the appeals court found the guilty verdict invalid after it was discovered that the prosecution didn’t allow testimony from the SWAT officer who trained Aledda and the jury never heard information about the officer’s experience as a cop.

Florida State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle released a statement to CNN and said that the appeals court’s decision was “disappointing to all who believed that this shooting incident was unnecessary and incorrect.”

The prosecution now has the ability to ask for a re-hearing.

According to the 2016 reports, the shooting happened after Aledda and 13 other officers were called to the scene after reports of a man with a gun. Officers came upon Arnaldo Rios-Soto, an autistic man, and Charles Kinsey, his caretaker. The two men were in the middle of an intersection. When police arrived, Kinsey lied down in the street and told officers not the shoot.

The caretaker said that Rios-Soto didn’t have a gun and was only playing with a metal toy car. Another officer reported over the radio that they had a visual and that the toy was not a weapon. Minutes later Jonathan Aledda fired three shots and accidently hit Charles Kinsey.

The officer later claimed that he thought Kinsey was being held hostage and he needed to protect him. He was originally acquitted of his charges in 2019 and had to complete 100 hours of community service and write an essay about communication and gun discharges.

Since the recent appeals court ruling, a lawyer for Charles Kinsey said that their client is “willing to do whatever is necessary to secure a conviction in this case. He does not think that Officer Aledda should be a police officer and does not think he should get his credentials back.”