Danielle Thomas, a former pole dancer and girlfriend to the Texas Longhorns’ coach Jeff Banks, has deleted her Twitter after responding to a rumor that her pet monkey bit a child during Halloween. Thomas defended the pet and said it was the child’s fault.

Rumors of the attack started on Twitter when Houston photographer Tom Campbell tweeted that he had gotten information from a “reliable source,” that Thomas’ monkey had attacked a child. According to the tweet, it happened during the woman’s Halloween haunted house.

Thomas soon jumped onto Twitter to defend her beloved pet, whose name is Gia. In now deleted tweets, the former stripper said that she had set up a haunted house for kids from her neighborhood and one of them had decided to ignore signs and go into her backyard where the monkey was being held.

She claimed that she didn’t know of the alleged bite until later and said that it was small.

“A 11 /12 year old child should know better then to enter someone yard without permission and old enough to also follow the rules,” she added. “The rules were when u get to the gate turn around and come back out for candy every other parent and child did so!”

Danielle Thomas took to Twitter to defend her pet monkey who allegedly bit a trick-or-treater during Halloween. (Credit: Instagram)
Danielle Thomas took to Twitter to defend her pet monkey who allegedly bit a trick-or-treater during Halloween. (Credit: Instagram)

Danielle Thomas even posted a video showing the alleged route that the trick-or-treater took to get into her restricted backyard. The video was spared deletion and saved by someone on Twitter. According to the animal’s owner, the creature is kept in a cage and no one is allowed in that area. She said, “How could she viciously bite someone if they don’t stick their hand in there where they don’t belong?”

There has been no word about the condition of the injured trick-or-treater, and while the Internet has made this story viral it is still unclear whether it’s true or just a rumor.

According to TMZ, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office have yet to receive any reports about the alleged incident and a spokesperson has said that any reports would be a civil matter.

Danielle Thomas said that the monkey is an emotional support animal and was even part of her act when she was an exotic dancer. Thomas, who went by the name Pole Assassin, had an elaborate career as a stripper and was even featured on The Jerry Springer Show three years ago.

The monkey even has her own Instagram, which has not been deleted. The Instagram features pictures of Gia in fancy costumes.

Many of the tweets surrounding the rumor were mocking Thomas’ former career. One user wrote, “Danielle Thomas AKA “Pole Assassin” is now training monkey assassins to attack trick or treaters.”

Other users posted memes making fun of the crazy rumor.

Jeff Banks and the Texas Longhorns have yet to respond to the rumors and it is unclear if Banks was home at the time of the alleged attack. His girlfriend’s tweets seemed to have spared him from blame.

Banks has worked with the Texas Longhorns and the University of Texas for the last year. He is currently the assistant head coach, tight ends coach and special teams coordinator for the Texas team. Before starting to coach for the university, Banks had a long career in coaching and playing football.

He played for both Citrus College and Washington State before graduating and starting his career in coaching. His first coaching job was for Washington State back in 1999.

It is unclear when he started dating Danielle Thomas. Some websites report they are married.