A horrific viral video caught the moment when Daniil Gagarin and Emma Monkkonen were swept into the ocean and drowned. The pair were swimming at a Spanish resort in La Zorra cove in Torrevieja with Gargarin’s wife, Darya, when Emma decided to jump off a cliff and got caught in the waves.

Daniil Gagarin, who was a Russian fitness coach and worked with Monkkonen at the resort, jumped in and tried to save her, but it was too late. The video showed them both being pulled into the water and viewers can hear Darya crying and she watched her husband disappear

During the video, both Monkkonen and Gagarin were able to pull themselves onto a rock, but the waves were too powerful and they lost their grip when a giant wave crashed over them and got tossed into the ocean.

Police issued a search and were able to find Monkkonen’s body a couple miles away from the cliff, and the body of Daniil Gagarin was found the next day. Monkkonen was 24-years-old. Gagarin was 30.

Alyona Maas, a Russian expat in Spain, warned daredevils and thrill seekers to avoid jumping from cliffs for their own safety. He called what Monkkonen did “reckless,” and said “I want to say to adrenaline lovers: please find yourself safer activities.”

Daniil Gagarin and Emma Monkkonen reportedly worked at the same resort in the province of Alicante. Monkkonen was originally from Finland.

Daniil Gagarin and Emma Monkkonen drowned after Emma jumped off a cliff on coast of Spain and Daniil tried to save here. A viral video caught the moment when both fitness coaches were pulled into the sea. (Credit: Shutterstock)

This is not the only freak drowning accident that has happened in recent weeks. Two weeks ago, a father was pulled out to sea and drowned when he was trying to save his son. Richard James Walsh, 58, was on a beach in north Timaru when a rough wave hit his son and tried to pull him out to sea.

The father acted quickly and raced into the water to save his boy. He was able to grab his son and throw him toward the shore, but the waves were too powerful for him to escape and the father got caught in the current.

Witnesses of the freak accident said that Walsh kept getting hit by strong waves, but that he didn’t look worried. He kept popping up from the water and friends were able to track his location while calling for help.

When police arrived, the tide had gotten so big that boat rescue was impossible. A helicopter was able to pull Walsh from the water, but he was pronounced dea at Timaru Hospital.

After performing his autopsy, Coroner Sue Johnson is calling Walsh a hero for what he did for his son. She said, “Richard died while trying to save his son and from the evidence before me, he did save him.” It was discovered during the autopsy that Walsh suffered a heart attack after her went under the water.

She hopes Timaru District Council will put up signs to warn beachgoers of the dangerous and strong waves. Family and friends of Walsh said that they had gone to the beach before to collect pebbles and weren’t planning on going in the water.

When four of the kids decided they wanted to swim, adults were nearby and ready to pull the kids out if the water got to dangerous.