Ring doorbell footage captured Darrell Brooks, a suspect in the Waukesha attack, just moments after he allegedly plowed through a crowd of people with his red SUV. The video footage, which was shared by Daniel Rider with NBC, shows the moment Darrell Brooks was picked up by police.

Brooks has been charged with five counts of homicide for his role as SUV driver in the parade attack. Additional charges could be added for the 48 people that he injured when he intentionally drove his car into the parade.

Ring Video footage captured Darrell Brooks moments after he plowed through the Waukesha Christmas parade. (Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Justice)
Ring Video footage captured Darrell Brooks moments after he plowed through the Waukesha Christmas parade. (Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Justice)

The doorbell video shows Darrell Brooks walking up to the home of Daniel Rider. The suspect knocks on the door and tells Rider that he called an Uber but he doesn’t know when it’s coming. The suspect said that he’s homeless and asked to step inside and wait for his ride.

The timestamp on the footage is a little after 5 p.m., which is roughly 20 minutes after Darrell Brooks plowed through the Waukesha Christmas parade.

According to the homeowner, Rider let Brooks into his home and gave him a coat, a sandwich, and access to his phone. The Wisconsin resident said that he was unaware of Brooks’ role in the tragic accident because he had been on a hunting trip and watching a football game that day. Rider said that he got nervous when police drove by and asked Brooks to leave.

“All of a sudden, I look outside my street and I see a few cop cars drive by and I’m getting extra nervous,” said Daniel Rider.

Moments later, Brooks is banging on the door claiming that he left is ID inside. Rider refused to open up. According to sources, a neighbor called the police on Brooks while he was hanging out around Daniel Rider’s home. Police then pull up to the Wisconsin home and one officer is heard telling Brooks to put his hands up.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!,” Brooks said as he cooperated with police and then is taken from the scene.

According to some neighbors of Brooks, they were not surprised that the 39-year-old committed this horrific crime.

A neighbor who identified themselves as Ebony said, “He must’ve snapped. The whole thing is messed up but it doesn’t surprise me.”

Since the Waukesha tragedy, community members have gathered to remember and mourn their loved ones. The five victims, which range from ages 52 to 81, include Wilhelm Hospel, Virginia Sorenson, LeAnna Owen, Tamara Durand, and Jane Kulich. Four out of the five killed were members of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies.

Over 48 other victims were injured and are currently being treated at six different hospitals. Many of the injured were children and according to doctors some have suffered head injuries and broken bones. GoFundMe pages have been set up for many of the injured and donations have been pouring in from across the country as the Waukesha attack gains national attention.

Police reports say that Darrell Brooks has a long list of previous arrests and many are criticizing the Wisconsin justice system for allowing him to be on the streets. According to reports, Brooks has a history of domestic and violent abuse with charges starting back in 1999. He was charged three times for weapons charges.

On Nov. 4, the 39-year-old was charged with resisting or obstructing an officer, bail jumping, recklessly endangering safety, disorderly conduct and battery. He posted his $1,000 bail and was released after six days.

The battery charge is from a domestic abuse incident that happened earlier in the month. According to a woman who claims to be the mother of Brooks’ child, Darrell Brooks beat her before running her over with his car.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office is currently running an investigation into why Brooks’ bail was so low. They said in a statement that “the State’s bail recommendation in this case was inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against Mr. Brooks. The bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the approach of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office toward matters involving violent crime, nor was it consistent with the risk assessment of the defendant prior to setting of bail.”

Darrell Brooks is scheduled to appear in court later today to face charges for his role in the Waukesha tragedy.