Dasha Kelly is under fire after her GoFundMe raised over $230,000 to help her and her family avoid eviction. While her sob story has won over the hearts of thousands of donors, some people are adamant that the woman is not who she says she is.

According to the Facebook page “Justice for Shadia Hilo,” Dasha Kelly is lying about her financial struggles and is using a fake sob story to garner profits. These accusations have not been confirmed, but members of the Facebook group allege that Kelly is scamming people into donating by using someone else’s children.

Is Dasha Kelly lying? GoFundMe page reaches $230,000 after sob story goes viral. People claim she lied about who she is.
Is Dasha Kelly lying? GoFundMe page reaches $230,000 after her sob story goes viral. People claim she lied about who she is. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

CNN first covered the story after Kelly’s GoFundMe crushed its measly $2,000 goal. The reporter went to Kelly’s home in Las Vegas and told her the good news. Instead of being evicted at the end of the month, Dasha Kelly would be able to pay her rent and other expenses using the more than $100,000 in donations. In tears, Kelly thanked her donors, explaining that it would help save her three daughters from sleeping on the streets.

The 32-year-old’s story went viral across social media. The GoFundMe page blew up and has since broken the $200,000 mark. Thousands of people from around the world were touched by Kelly’s difficult situation and were moved to support her with donations on GoFundMe and comments on social media. The explosive nature of Kelly’s story has somewhat backfired, however, because now people are claiming the sob story was fabricated and that she used it to make illegal profits.

“I know this girl personally and she lied to me about who she was,” Jason J-One Jointer insisted on the “Justice for Shadia Hilo” Facebook page. “I met her 3 years ago and we hung out a lot… at the time she told me she was 21 years old… she told me she was 21 with no kids… Last week she hit me up and we actually hang out [and] she then confirmed with me she was now 24 and still to my knowledge no kids.”

Jointer insisted that Dasha Kelly lied to the public about being 32 years old and having three daughters. In other posts on the Facebook page, people shared similar stories, possibly exposing the so-called scammer. One post alleges that the three children presented in the CNN story were actually the daughters of Shadia Hilo. In a video shared to the platform, a pregnant Hilo explains that Kelly is using her children for personal gain.

This accusation is echoed not only on the Facebook page but across Twitter. One user told BreakingDailyNews that “this is not this woman’s kids. It’s her boyfriend’s kids that just happened to be visiting while this CNN interview was taking place. The real mother is Shadia Hilo.”

Many people pointed out that it’s wrong and immoral to lie about having children in an effort to garner donations. This is especially potent with Dasha Kelly’s story, as her GoFundMe page is inching toward a quarter of a million dollars. Users on both Facebook and Twitter demand legal action against Kelly and want GoFundMe to take down the fundraiser.

Jason Jointer claimed he went to the police and authorities will be looking into the matter. Dasha Kelly has not confirmed any of the accusations, and at this point, it is a he-said-she-said scenario. According to a member of the Facebook page, Fox 5 News was informed of the potential fallacies in Kelly’s story and has reportedly informed CNN.

Beyond the possibility of an “embellished sob story,” many people are upset that Kelly’s GoFundMe has raised an exorbitant amount of money while other people are still struggling to pay their bills. People have pointed out that previous generations didn’t have the ability to rely on GoFundMe when finances began to slip and were forced to work harder in the face of financial hardships.

'BreakingDailyNews' received multiple comments outlining everything wrong with Dasha Kelly's story. Did she embellish it for personal gain?
‘BreakingDailyNews’ received multiple comments outlining everything wrong with Dasha Kelly’s story. Did she embellish it for personal gain?

It was also suggested that Dasha Kelly could be making enough money to support her alleged children by going back to work. Las Vegas casinos have re-opened and are looking for card dealers. Kelly told CNN that she was a card dealer before the pandemic and that some nights she brought home over $5,000 in tips.

Critics claimed that if she went back to work when casinos re-opened, she would be making more than enough to pay her Las Vegas bills. At this time it’s unclear if Dasha Kelly really is who she says she is. GoFundMe has a report function and will remove fundraisers if they are proven to be fake.