Dave Chappelle helped cancel a plan for affordable housing in Ohio after it was revealed he would pull investment out of the area. According to CNN, the comedian plans to open a restaurant and comedy club in the spot where the Yellow Springs development complex was set to provide affordable housing.

Attending the village council meeting on Monday to oppose the development of single-family townhouses, Chappelle questioned voting members, asking why they would support affordable housing over “a $65 million-a-year company.”

The council eventually voted following a deadlock and sided with Dave Chappelle, canceling plans for Oberer Homes to provide “140 mixed-income level homes to the village.”

Chappelle, who lives near the area he plans to develop, reportedly did not want the planned development to approach his 39-acre farm. A source close to the comedian told the Daily Mail that he supports affordable housing, but that he was “adamantly opposed” to the complex since it threatened a business he heavily invested in.

“I’ve invested millions of dollars in town. If you push this thing through, what I’m investing in is no longer applicable,” he can be heard saying in video of the Ohio village council meeting. “I would say that Oberer can buy all of this property from me if they want to be your benefactor because I will no longer want to.”

“I cannot believe you would make me audition for you,” Chappelle continued. “You look like clowns. I am not bluffing. I will take it all off the table.”

Dave Chappelle was only one of the representatives at the meeting who spoke out against the Yellow Springs development, according to The Dayton Daily News, who reported that numerous community members also opposed the affordable housing plan.

Other residents stated that they were not happy with a lack of transparency into the process, also citing issues with ground water wells, lack of input, and the fear of Dave Chappelle pulling money and influence out of their community.

The deal would have included 64 single-family homes, 24 townhomes, 52 duplexes and 1.75 acres of land for future affordable housing.

Dave Chappelle's plans for a restaurant and comedy club in Ohio
Dave Chappelle’s plans for a restaurant and comedy club in Ohio. Photo Credit: Chrome Architecture Rendering / Facebook

Instead, Dave Chappelle is expecting to turn a former fire station into a restaurant called Firehouse Eatery, which will be attached to a comedy club called Live from YS.

“I feel like if we had a venue like this – if you were an aspiring artist, if you were able to see the best entertainment available in the world in your hometown and were able to even to perform on that stage -there’s a lot of people who may have not otherwise been able to make it out of here could,” Chappelle said at the time. “I’m not just trying to make a club, I’m trying to make a way.”

In documents obtained by NBC News, the village council claimed that the Yellow Springs development would have helped reduce the cost of housing for village service workers by allowing them to live closer to their jobs.

Village Council President Brian Housh released a memo before the vote stating that without more affordable housing units, the starting price for townhomes in the area could jump up by $100,000 more due to high demand. He also revealed that the villages would have added a playground for children and more walkability for residents.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, there is a shortage of affordable housing in Ohio, especially for low-income families at or below the poverty line. For residents earning well below the average income in the area, four out of every 10 families will have access to affordable homes.

Dave Chappelle has yet to comment on the village’s ruling.