Ariarne Titmus made Olympic history in the 400-meter freestyle, but it’s her coach who fans can’t stop talking about. When Titmus beat Katie Ledecky, Dean Boxall went crazy celebrating. And it was all caught in a hilarious video you can watch below!

Tokyo 2020 has been the epicenter of memes galore. From strange performances at the Opening Ceremony to the cardboard beds in the Olympic village, social media has exploded with memorable content from the world’s largest sports competition. Now an Australian coach is getting all the attention after he displayed the level of support all athletes dream of.

In the hilarious video, Dean Boxall waits on the sidelines as his athlete, Ariarne Titmus, defeats Katie Ledecky and takes home gold for the 400-meter freestyle. Titmus’ time was beyond impressive, too. Her 3 minutes, 56.69 seconds time was the second-fastest in history. The Australian swimmer shone bright but it was her coach that got all the attention.

As soon as Ariarne Titmus was named champion, Boxall went crazy celebrating the victory. In the video, Boxall pumps his arms in the air and begins screaming. He can barely control his body as he walks past bystanders, shouting after the spectacular victory.

At one point, he rips off his mask and acts as though he is going to throw it before quickly reining himself in. While screaming, a young girl volunteering for the Olympics tries to calm him down, but his excitement cannot be contained. As she scurries away, Dean Boxall turns to a fence and hip-thrusts a few times before dropping down into a squat and pumping his arms into the air again.

Behind her mask, the young volunteer cannot contain her laughter. Boxall continues to twitch and tense as though his life depended on it, shouting in excitement at his athlete’s victory. The video cuts off but Boxall’s excitement didn’t end there.

Dean Boxall went crazy celebrating his athlete's historic victory. After Ariarne Titmus beat Katie Ledecky, Boxall went wild.
Dean Boxall went crazy celebrating his athlete’s historic victory. After Ariarne Titmus beat Katie Ledecky, Boxall went wild. Photo Credit: Twitter

While Ariarne Titmus stood on the podium to receive her gold medal, Dean Boxall was moved to tears. “I could see Dead on the other side bawling his eyes out,” Titmus told Agence France-Presse. The 20-year-old swimmer explained that the hype of her victory didn’t distract her from the goal. “I don’t really feel the hype, it’s more you guys. I just try to race the best I can and ignore everything else,” she said.

“I honestly thought I’d be more nervous coming into this but Dean said to me, ‘Look, you know how to swim, this is just a big swimming race, you just have to do what you know how to do,’” Titmus explained.

While Ariarne Titmus soaks in her newfound fame after beating U.S. swimmer Katie Ledecky, Dean Boxall is finding his own popularity on social media. His crazed celebration has made quite the splash on Twitter with the original video being viewed nearly one million times.

Dean Boxall couldn't be happier that his athlete won gold. The Australian coach went wild while celebrating her victory.
Dean Boxall couldn’t be happier that his athlete won gold. The Australian coach went wild while celebrating her victory. Photo Credit: Twitter

“If my coach doesn’t react like this when I have a big win then I don’t want it,” Daria Gavrilova, an Australian tennis player tweeted.

“It’s not the quantity of spectators. It’s the quality… I hope you all have someone who cheers for you like this guy does,” another commenter said. Journalist Christian Schneider wrote: “Congrats to Titmus’ coach for earning meme of the week status.”

Like anything on Twitter, the hilarious video has its critics. A few commenters have filled the feed with their own negative take on the extreme celebration.

“Sorry but he’s able to step respectfully around two men, but then steps in front of a fence, SEES A WOMAN blocking his way, and instead of backing up he is suddenly inspired to perform forceful air thrusts??” @MommaBird2415 pointed out. “GROSS. Gross. Gross.”

The Twitter user continued, claiming that “I see nothing admirable about this display of toxic masculinity.” While most people on the feed disagreed with the commenter’s perspective, others were quick to join in on the Boxall bashing.

“Mask removal and screaming like that, blowing spit all over the crowd and staff is definitely the way to celebrate a win,” @aceadman said. “Guy should be expelled and banned. But… yay for him I guess.”

While there is controversy surrounding Dean Boxall’s actions, the consensus is that athletes are lucky to have overwhelming support during the games, even when Tokyo 2020 is void of spectators. While it may have gone a tad overboard, Boxall’s excitement has made a huge splash alongside his athlete’s historic swim.