A random hiker named Dennis Davis may have found Brian Laundrie before the FBI did. According to a leaked 911 call, the Appalachian Trail hiker in North Carolina told dispatchers that he was “99.9% sure” the person he saw was Brian Laundrie.

Dennis Davis claimed that he saw Brian around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday near the North Carolina border in Tennessee. He said he was “talking wild” and later identified his sighting as Brian Laundrie after they parted.

“He said that his girlfriend loved him and he had to go out to California to see her,” Davis said on the released 911 call. “He was asking me how to get to California.”

“He was acting funny,” Dennis Davis explained. “I wasn’t sure about what he looked like. And then I went and parked and pulled up the photographs of him, and I’m 99.99% sure that that was him.”

The emergency dispatcher sent Davis’ info to authorities, but a deputy from the Sheriff’s Office was not sent to check out the scene until 12 hours after he reported the sighting, according to Fox News. As the encounter occurred between both parties in their cars, Brian Laundrie could have driven very far away from that spot in 12 hours’ time.

“I was making a U-turn in the road and he came up behind me and he slowed down and kind of flashed his lights, like tell me go ahead and go and I’m going to wait for you,” Dennis Davis said, “and as I turned around and I’m coming back by him he’s waving his arm out of his truck like for me to slow down.”

Davis later made the 911 call after Brian drove off, calling the situation very odd. Tennessee is certainly very far away from California, and not entirely close to where authorities are searching in Florida either.

According to a sheriff in North Carolina, they receive “a number of calls” each day, and every one is “investigated thoroughly.”

It hasn’t helped that since the case received such widespread national attention, reports and sightings have come in from places as far as Canada. None of the reported cases thus far have been a confirmed sighting. Even Dennis Davis’ claim is still under investigation.

Missing since mid-September, Brian Laundrie is wanted by authorities as the primary suspect in the murder of Gabby Petito, his 22 year-old girlfriend who went missing on a cross country road trip. Returning home without her, he went into hiding after Gabby’s remains were later found in a park in Wyoming.

Somehow, he has evaded authorities ever since. As the case unravels, details into the couple’s toxic relationship have been revealed, as well as Brian Laundrie’s possibly far-fetched connections to nearby murders. A warrant for an arrest has been issued, but it appears that authorities are not even sure what state the suspect is in.

According to Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg, Brian Laundrie will likely face “even more charges” if he’s brought in alive, suggesting a litany of prosecutors at the ready to drop the hammer should he be found and tried in court.

“I think it’s coming,” he told NewsNationNow, alleging that it’s “very likely” that prosecutors are simply just waiting for his capture.

Speaking about Laundrie’s parents, he said that “if they hid evidence, if they bought him a plane ticket to get out of town because they knew he was involved in a crime,” then that would give prosecutors the go-ahead to file charges right away.

If found, Brian’s case could be hurt by his disappearance, even if he’s innocent, Aronberg said, as prosecutors could argue that it was out of a “consciousness of guilt.” He said that Brian Laundrie’s actions may very well “come back to haunt him.”

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