Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview aired on television, there has been tremendous tension between Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Harry. But sources say that the younger brother feels it’s important to attend Prince Philip’s funeral in the U.K. Meghan Markle, who is pregnant with her second child, may not fly to England.

A source told the New York Post that Prince Harry will make the trip, which would mark the first time he’d be with his family since January 2020. She is waiting for a doctor’s recommendation, since the nearly 12-hour flight could be difficult during pregnancy. Though she is due this summer, Prince Harry’s wife reportedly wants to be by his side.

Harry feels strongly about being at Phillip’s funeral. A U.K. royal source told the New York Post that “he will, of course, be there, no matter how difficult relations are between the Sussexes and the family.” 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made many disturbing claims during the Oprah interview. They alleged that one of the family members expressed concern about the color of the baby’s skin. Harry and Meghan also claimed that Kensington Palace stripped them of their titles, financial support and security detail. Harry was particularly concerned about the lack of security because his mother, Princess Diana, was chased by paparazzi before her death.

Nevertheless, the family wants to find a way to repair the relationship. According to People, the father and son shared a phone call last week. It’s only a small step, though, and everyone knows there’s a lot of work to be done.

The fact that Prince Harry and his family were financially cut off has created huge rifts. Another point of contention, according to Marie Claire, is that Charles was hurt by accusations of racism. Although the couple didn’t name the royal relative specifically, they claimed that comments were made concerning the skin color of their first child, Archie. 

“Of course, I will always love him,” Prince Harry said in the Oprah interview. “But there’s a lot of hurt that’s happened. And I will continue to make it one of my priorities to try and heal that relationship.”

That mending could begin at Harry’s grandfather’s funeral, where Harry will meet his father face to face for the first time in months.

Prince Harry’s relationship with his grandparents has always been important. He continuously chatted with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip over the past few months, including numerous Zoom calls. Harry jokingly told James Corden that his grandfather neglected the end-call button and instead slammed the computer screen down. Harry said: “He just goes ‘doof’!”