NHL star Evander Kane claimed his ex-wife, Anna Kane, faked her pregnancy for four months after receiving a previously undisclosed abortion. The Sharks’ forward claimed Anna had been lying to him since July, and that up until November he believed that she was still pregnant with their child.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Evander Kane said that he and Anna often spoke about the baby – which was due February 2022 – and had even witnessed his ex-wife growing in the abdominal area, which he assumed was a symptom of the pregnancy. The Sharks’ forward was made aware of the procedure in November after finding medical bills indicating Anna Kane had an abortion.

Anna Kane fake her pregnancy! What happened during bitter divorce battle?
Anna Kane fake her pregnancy! What happened during the bitter divorce battle? Photo Credit: Instagram

For four months Evander Kane was convinced he was having a child and claims his ex-wife’s actions could have a harmful effect on their daughter, Kensington. He also alleged that his ex-wife wore “some sort of pregnancy belly” to fool him, which he claims was a form of retribution.

Anna Kane did admit that she was “less than forthcoming with [her ex-husband] with regards to [the] decision” to abort. She also admitted that she “did not inform [Evander] or the court that [she] was no longer pregnant,” but did not explain why she faked her pregnancy.

Anna Kane did, however, deny “wearing any sort of prosthetics in an attempt to look pregnant,” according to the court documents. Her ex-husband insisted that the fake pregnancy could have a major impact on their daughter and asked the court for full custody.

Evander also demanded that Anna Kane receive a mental exam to prove her emotional stability after the faked pregnancy. The Sharks’ forward was granted temporary custody until a follow-up hearing in December, according to TMZ.

According to the court documents, Anna insisted that she is mentally stable and asked the court to deny Evander’s request for custody. Anna claimed she is fully capable of caring for Kensington.

Did Anna Kane fake her pregnancy? Evander accused her of lying about baby for four months!
Did Anna Kane fake her pregnancy? Evander accused her of lying about the baby for four months!

The recent events are part of a bitter divorce saga between the NHL star and his ex-wife. During the nasty split, both Anna Kane and Evander have accused each other of abuse. In August, Evander Kane accused Anna of punching him in the face multiple times. At that time, he obtained a domestic violence temporary restraining order.

In July, Anna took to Instagram to make her own set of accusations, alleging that Evander was unfaithful and abandoned her and their daughter while the bank seized their home. Anna also insisted that her ex-husband had a gambling problem and had been betting on his own team, as well as other NHL games.

Evander Kane, who was suspended by the NHL for presenting a false Covid-19 vaccination card, filed for bankruptcy in California in January. He responded to his wife’s allegation in a statement posted to Twitter in August.

“Unfortunately I would like to address the completely FALSE accusations that my estranged wife and soon-to-be ex-wife have made against me,” Evander Kane wrote. “Even against the advice of my legal team, I feel strongly that the public and fans hear this directly from me. I have NEVER gambled/bet on a Sharks game, NEVER gambled/bet on any of my games, and NEVER thrown a hockey game.”

Evander Kane posted a second statement, as well, addressing his ex-wife’s other allegations. “I love my daughter,” he posted on Twitter. “I will and always have taken care of my daughter in every way possible. I have always made sure her mother has had everything she’s needed and more.”

Evander claimed he has “tried to de-escalate” the nasty divorce and “be as civil and calm as anyone in this position could.”

Evander Kane received a 21-game suspension for presenting a false vaccination card. He is set to return on November 30 during the Sharks’ matchup with the New Jersey Devils. The NHL star is currently three seasons into his seven-season, $49 million contract with the Sharks.