Billy Horschel has officially apologized after his meltdown at The Masters on Sunday. Known for being a fiery competitor, Horschel is no stranger to outbursts or verbal expression when he doesn’t perform at his best. However, his recent bad behavior may have crossed the line.

The apology came in the form of a Twitter post by Horschel after a video went viral of him slamming his golf clubs into his bag. The explosive outburst at the seventh hole followed a poor performance by Horschel, but the pro golfer was able to land in the top 50.

Many fans believe Billy Horschel’s temper has gone too far. But the golfer apologized for his actions, explaining that he is and always has been “a fiery competitor.”

“Unfortunately,” Horschel continued, “the fire inside me sometimes runs hot when I’m not getting the most out of my game. This leads to some instances where my conduct is not what I wish to show, especially as a role model to the younger generation.”

Horschel then apologized to the “Augusta National, the Member of the Club and to the patrons for any conduct that may have crossed the line I am always trying to improve and do better; as a golfer, husband, father, or as a human being. Thank you The Master, for a memorable week!”

Despite his outburst and poor performance, Horschel shot a 4-over 79 on Sunday and finished in a tie for 50th. The outburst also wasn’t the only noteworthy event for Horschel during The Masters.

Another viral moment on Saturday showed Horschel slipping down the 13th hole’s green slope when hitting a short from Rae’s Creek. The instance was a lot lighter than his over-the-top display of anger the next day.

Though the incident showcases Billy Horschel during an embarrassing slip, he moved on right after to save par by hitting the ball out of the creek in front of the green. He tried to repeat that feat on Sunday. But it didn’t work in his favor, and he made a triple-bogey eight, in perhaps a more disappointing display than the previous day’s fall.