DJ Khaled launched his latest startup business on Thursday, a chicken wings delivery service with jet ski carriers. Titled Another Wing, named after his catchphrase “Another One,” the restaurant spans three continents and over 150 locations.

The Grammy award-winning producer spoke with Hypebeast to announce the new business venture in collaboration with ghost kitchen operator Reef Technology.

Opening worldwide during the pandemic, “ghost kitchens” that worked as restaurants solely for delivery grew immensely, especially during government-mandated lockdowns. Another Wing hopes to offer boat-side jet ski delivery as they expand and settle in as well.

“Reef approached me with the idea of making history,” DJ Khaled said in his interview with Hypebeast. He called the chicken wings company, “the first restaurant concept to ever launch on three continents at the same time.”

Planning to launch over 150 locations, Another Wing will service the US, UK, Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates. In North America, according to Bloomberg, the chicken wings destination will have locations in New York, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, and more. Another Wing will reportedly launch Thursday, Nov. 11, the same day as the announcement.

“Sharing something I love, like delicious food with my fans all over the world, how could I say no?,” DJ Khaled said. “It’s all about spreading love and showing people what is possible when you dream.”

“My team and I worked alongside REEF every step of the process,” he said. “They are dedicated to creating a platform and environment that empowers creativity and their team has been an amazing partner.”

“The same way music platforms enable creators to share photos or videos, the REEF platform enables creators to share and expand food experiences in a way that has never been possible before,” DJ Khaled announced. “It is game-changing.”

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According to The New York Post, Another Wing boasts a large menu, planning to offer bone-in and boneless chicken wings at insanely cheap prices. A six-piece order of chicken will cost just $6.95, with eight flavor options, including: “Un Un Un Believable Buffalo,” “Don’t Quit Nashville Hot,” “You Loyal! Lemon Pepper,” “Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Sriracha,” and “They Don’t Want You To Win TRUFFALO.”

“We goin’ global,” the hip-hop mogul added. “The concept is global. Three continents and 150 locations is just the beginning. But we’re going to do it different – not only do we deliver by land, but we will be delivering by sea–with jet ski’s offering boat-side delivery. We’re doing everything new.”

Another Wing will reportedly be available to order on “all your favorite delivery platforms” such as Seamless and Grub Hub. The company will also offer sides including jalapeno cheese fries, onion rings, and chocolate chip cookies.

“Wings stood out as something that’s universally loved and can be brought to many areas,” Alan Philips, Reef’s chief creative officer told Bloomberg.

It’s an interesting time to launch a chicken wing business, as reports from earlier in the year described a chicken wing shortage in the market thanks to the demand for the recent trend of fried chicken sandwiches. Chicken prices are even surging in the US, and many companies like Wing Stop have made major adjustments such as giving out more thighs.

According to Yahoo! News, there was a “7% increase in wing sales year-over-year,” which was only exacerbated by a power outage in Texas that reportedly left 200 of the 1,900 chicken houses in Texas without power. “Unfortunately,” Yahoo! reported, “this resulted in the death of a large number of chickens, further squeezing the supply chain.”

Despite the shortage, many chicken wing suppliers are marching on. Posting on Instagram, Another Wing wrote that they were going to be “The greatest thing to happen to wings since Buffalo sauce.”