Texas Senator Ted Cruz was caught sleeping last night during President Biden’s first address to Congress. But is anyone really surprised?

Biden’s address took place just three months after the insurrection occurred, an effort that Ted Cruz openly supported. Some of the plans that the President shared last night were for police reform, banning assault weapons, and looking beyond Covid-19, all of which Cruz has opposing policy plans.

The camera focused on the snoozing Republican as President Biden shared his plans for immigration reform. In the few seconds that Cruz was filmed, his eyes drooped lazily, opened for just a moment, and then closed again. Cruz wasn’t the only official from his party that chose to sit in silence as Democrats applauded Biden’s speech, but he was the only one to try taking a nap on the job.

When asked for a reaction to the presidential address, Ted Cruz said, “I think the speech tonight, you could sum up three words: boring but radical.”

Since being caught on camera dozing, Cruz has hit Twitter to confirm what everyone was wondering: Did an American Senator really fall asleep at work? He retweeted a Washington Post tweet that read, “Ted Cruz was roasted for appearing to nod off as Biden spoke. He blamed the president: ‘boring but radical.'” Cruz captioned his retweet: “true that.”

The Texas Senator has been under fire since Trump left office, not only for encouraging the Capitol Riot, but also for the way he handled the winter storm that devastated his home state. In February, millions of Texans lost electricity and access to water as pipes burst and the state power grid shut down. As people waited for assistance from neighboring states, their senator abandoned them- literally.

Ted Cruz and his family were spotting in an airport the week of the storm, fleeing to Cancún, where they spent time at a luxury resort. As soon as the photos hit the internet, Americans across the country were outraged. The Senator has lost favor with the country, but it’s no secret that members of his own political party have disliked him for years.

“I just don’t like the guy,” former president George W. Bush told people at a fundraiser for his brother Jeb a number of years ago.   

“I will acknowledge that when I’m in the Senate dining room I’ve sometimes wondered if I need a food taster,” Cruz said in 2015: “If you ain’t never stood up to Washington, at any time in your life, you’re not gonna suddenly discover the courage to do so if you happen to land at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”