Dominique Bowers was killed last Friday during a fatal shooting in her Georgia home and now police are accusing her 13-year-old son of the gruesome murder. The teen was charged with murder over the weekend after police connected him with the tragic shooting on Adirondac Way in Warner Robins, Georgia.

The initial incident occurred at 1:27 p.m. on August 13. Officers from the Warner Robins Police Department reported to the 500 block of Adirondac Way after a 911 call claimed there were shots fired. According to authorities, the 911 dispatcher was speaking with a possible suspect in the shooting when police arrived at the scene.“Officers were able to locate the suspect in the 300 block of Old Perry Road,” according to a media release posted Friday. At the same time, other officers arrived at the residence and located “a deceased female in the home.” Police reported that the woman had been shot. The victim, later identified as 37-year-old Dominique Bowers, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 13-year-old boy, who was arrested in connection to the shooting, was later identified as Dominique Bowers’ son. His name has not been revealed to the public because he is a minor. Officials said that the “juvenile suspect” was taken into custody on Friday by the Warner Robins Police Department but was later transferred.

The Houston County Juvenile Division took custody of the 13-year-old boy after the initial investigation. According to authorities, Detective John Richards will be continuing the investigation. After the initial report on Friday, the Warner Robins Police Department released an update on the Georgia shooting.

According to the update, “Dominique Bowers, of Warner Robins, is identified as the victim of a homicide that occurred yesterday on Adirondac Way. Ms. Bowers is the mother of the 13-year-old juvenile that was taken into custody.”

Bowers’ 13-year-old son “is charged with Murder and Aggravated Assault,” the update reported. “A first appearance with the juvenile was held this morning at the Houston County Superior Court. The juvenile is being held in the Crisp County Youth Detention Center.” It was reported that the 13-year-old boy will be tried as an adult.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the motive for the shooting was. Police are still trying to understand what happened at the Warner Robins home before the shooting. It wasn’t reported whether anyone else was home at the time of the shooting, or if Bowers and her son were alone when the attack took place.

Dominique Bowers was a navy veteran. Police are trying to identify a motive in her possible murder.
Dominique Bowers was a navy veteran. Police are trying to identify a motive in her possible murder. Photo Credit: Facebook

Dominique Bowers was a Navy veteran and studied psychology at Roanoke College, according to her Facebook page. She was a former Builder Petty Officer 2nd Class in the U.S. Navy. She was working at the Virginia Department of Transportation before her untimely passing. Her Facebook page indicated that she was engaged to Niko Zaharopoulos.

The comment section underneath the Warner Robins Police Department update was extremely active over the weekend. Most users sent their love and support for the family affected by the tragic shooting. Others, however, used the platform to spread their frustrations with the case.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if people learned to wait until all the facts of a case were released before passing judgments and sentencing a person before they could defend themselves?” Missie Taylor Ayers wrote. “This is a terrible case. The law enforcement officers involved and other first responders have to deal with what happened but unless you were there you have no idea how events unfolded. What if this kid accidentally killed this person. He or she will have to live with that forever. Just let the facts come out first. Please.”

Other commenters spread a different message. One wrote that it is “extremely sad that young people have no regard for the sanctity of life.”

Most people were heartbroken to hear of the tragic incident. Police are still investigating the possible murder and are asking for the community’s cooperation throughout the investigation. In this weekend’s media release, police requested that “anyone with any further information is asked to call Detective Richards at 478-302-5380 or Macon Regional Crimestoppers [at] 1-877-68CRIME.”