Dominique Graham, a 37-year-old Texas mom, is facing felony charges after police said she assaulted teenagers and a referee after her daughter’s basketball game.

According to local media reports, Graham attended a game between two Plano-area middle schools on Saturday morning. When her daughter was ejected for allegedly punching an opposing player in the face, referee Greg Ivanovsky said Graham stepped onto the court and joined in the beating. 

The mom was arrested at the scene and charged with assault, as well as injuring a child. Police have not confirmed if the episode was caught on camera, and the status of Graham’s alleged teen victims is not clear. 

Texas Mom Punches Ref Greg Ivanovsky

Ivanovsky, who told reporters he’s been reffing youth basketball for 26 years, said he was officiating a game at the Plano Sports Authority complex in Murphy, a suburb of greater Dallas, on Saturday morning. 

But the game had barely started before Graham’s daughter lost her cool.

“At the end of the jump ball, one of the girls let go,” he recalled to Fox 4. “The other one shoved her with the ball and then dropped the ball and punched the girl in the face.” 

“I had to eject her from the game. There is a zero-tolerance policy,” he went on. 

After the game’s conclusion, Ivanovsky said the ejected player returned to the court and started arguing with a player from the other team. 

Referee Greg Ivanovsky said mom Dominique Graham 'suckerpunched' him at a middle school basketball game.
Referee Greg Ivanovsky said mom Dominique Graham ‘sucker punched’ him at a middle school basketball game. Photo credit: YouTube

“The daughter came around and started using language I can’t use on tv,” the ref explained.

That’s when police believe Graham, the mother of the ejected player, stepped in and escalated the conflict. Authorities and witnesses say the mom walked up to the 13-year-old her daughter was cursing at and punched her square in the face. 

“And I’m like, ‘This isn’t going to happen. I’m not going to allow this,’” Ivanovsky said. “And then out of nowhere, I get a left hook across the mouth right here. My glasses go sideways like this.”

According to police documents, a dad from the other team stepped onto the court to protect his child. Investigators said Graham scratched the man across the face, leaving marks. 

Chaos broke out as parents and players rushed the court. During the frantic final moments of the brawl, police said Graham kicked another 13-year-old in the back before punching a 14-year-old in the face. 

Dominique Graham Arrested

Murphy police arrived at the scene and took 37-year-old Graham into custody. She was booked and formally charged with three counts of felony injuring of a child, and two counts of assault. 

If convicted of the former, Graham could spend a decade in prison for each count. The assault charges carry anywhere from two to 20 years behind bars. 

Her incarceration status isn’t known. Local reporters visited her home in nearby Allen, where a person claiming to be Graham’s family member said she wasn’t home and didn’t want to comment. 

Dominique Graham is accused of punching ref Greg Ivanovsky and two teens at a middle school basketball game.
Dominique Graham is accused of punching ref Greg Ivanovsky and two teens at a middle school basketball game. Photo credit: Murphy Police

As for Ivanovsky, he said he’s still got a bruised lip from the incident. 

“My lip is like all swollen up, and I just had dental work,” the ref said, adding that he’d spoken with one of the teen victims who’s still afraid to leave her home. 

“The simple fact that someone comes out here and attacks these kids, it’s just mind-boggling,” Ivanovsky opined.

“How do you do that to a child? I’m emotional because I am baffled by that.”