Dr. Alex Khadavi, a celebrity dermatologist, went ballistic in an anti-gay rant on July 7. Security camera footage shows the cosmetic dermatologist shouting in his building’s lobby, claiming he is going to “blow” his neighbors’ “f—ing heads off.”

Khadavi ranted to the guy sitting quietly behind the front desk as he prepared to take his dog for a walk. In the startling video, Dr. Alex Khadavi and his dog can be seen walking into his building’s lobby, the dermatologist shouting extremely rude and offensive remarks, including homophobic slurs.

The bizarre incident was allegedly sparked by Khadavi’s neighbors, though who exactly he was referencing is unknown. The security camera footage from the condo complex in West Hollywood only showed the main lobby. In the video, the concierge is doing his best to ignore the situation, as Dr. Alex Khadavi continuously screams.

Dr. Alex Khadavi was filmed going on an anti-gay rant in his condo complex in West Hollywood. The celebrity dermatologist threatened to kill his neighbors and shouted homophobic slurs.
Dr. Alex Khadavi was filmed going on an anti-gay rant in his condo complex in West Hollywood. The celebrity dermatologist threatened to kill his neighbors and shouted homophobic slurs. Photo Credit: Instagram

During his anti-gay rant, the doctor threatened to kill his neighbors. He can be heard arguing to himself, mentioning that his neighbors “can’t tell me what to do,” or “I’ll blow their f—king heads off.” At one point, he turns to the concierge, saying “I’ll blow their f—king heads off. You know that right? I don’t f—k around.”  

Halfway through the video, Khadavi exits the lobby with his dog in tow. When he comes back, he is holding a plastic bag. The doctor continues to rant as he walks back through the lobby and the concierge can be seen watching a video on his phone behind the desk.

In the video, Dr. Alex Khadavi mumbles to himself as he walks past the concierge, but turns back before leaving the shot. “You know that right?” he asks the man before shouting again. The words he says are not comprehensible, however, he uses dramatic hand motions to emphasize his point. The doctor then turns and exits the shot but can still be heard rambling to himself as he nears the elevators.

The incident occurred on the night of July 7, according to legal documents. Dr. Alex Khadavi’s neighbor, who happens to be a gay man, filed a restraining order against the dermatologist for himself and his husband in response to the anti-gay rant. The concierge apparently told the neighbor that Khadavi made threatening statements during his rant, claiming he would kill gay people – specifically the neighbor and his husband.

It was also outlined in the legal documents that the concierge recalled another incident two months prior to Khadavi’s July 7 rant. The concierge asserted that Khadavi showed him a handgun he carried before taking his dog for a walk. The neighbors claim they are afraid to live in the building and believe Khadavi may go through with his threats.

Dr. Alex Khadavi is a celebrity dermatologist with many high-profile clients including Scott Disick and Lance Bass. Listed in his Instagram bio, Khadavi says he is a cosmetic dermatologist at Encino Laser & Dermatology.

The bizarre scene on July 7 wasn’t the first time the doctor has made headlines, either. In 2016, it was reported that Matt Altman from Million Dollar Listing filed a restraining order against Dr. Khadavi after he claimed the doctor hates all Jews and threatened to kill him.

Altman said Khadavi threatened him on multiple occasions and even shouted he “hated all Jews” at a private event. Altman asserted that Khadavi said he would kill him. Altman asserted that Khadavi is a racist, a homophobe, and is anti-Semitic. At the time, Khadavi was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Matt.

Representatives for Khadavi called the 2016 allegations “ridiculous” and “completely false.” The rep said Khadavi is Jewish and had a Bar Mitzvah, and he also can’t be anti-Semitic or homophobic because the doctor has friends in those communities.

Neither Dr. Khadavi nor his representatives have commented on the viral video. The restraining order is still being processed.