Dr. Anatoly Braylovsky, who is already facing charges for writing fraudulent opioid prescriptions, has been tied to a murder-for-hire attempt, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday. The complaint, which was filed in the County of Fairfield in Connecticut, claimed that Braylovsky attempted to hire a member of Hell’s Angels to kill a witness who was planning to testify against him in court. Braylovsky was arrested last year for selling opioid prescriptions for cash.

The criminal complaint requested an arrest warrant for Anatoly Braylovsky for “endeavoring to obstruct the due administration of justice.” He committed what the court deemed a “target offense,” in which he attempted to obstruct justice by hiring someone to kill a witness in his current trial. Anatoly Braylovsky is currently awaiting trial for the alleged illegal distribution of prescription medication.

Dr. Anatoly Braylovsky faces obstruction of justice charges after reportedly trying to hire a member of Hell's Angels to murder a witness in his current trial.
Dr. Anatoly Braylovsky faces obstruction of justice charges after reportedly trying to hire a member of Hell’s Angels to murder a witness in his current trial. Photo Credit: Dave Smith 1965 / Shutterstock.com

The 50-year-old doctor is now facing obstruction of justice charges for the murder-for-hire scheme. Earlier this month, Braylovsky reportedly said that “the five days he spent in the New Haven jail were the worst five days of his life and he did not want to go back to jail.”

He then asked a “concerned citizen” known as CC1 if they “would talk to his/her brother, who Braylovsky believed is the president of the Hell’s Angels.” The doctor told CC1 that there are witnesses who are ready to testify against him, specifically “a guy who was mic’d up.” The doctor then told CC1 that “this guy’s gotta go.”

CC1, who tipped off law enforcement, believed Braylovsky was asking them to help him find someone “to intimidate or kill this witness.” Authorities found CC1’s information credible and decided to pursue the investigation further. The FBI then “developed a plan to corroborate CC1’s information by placing an FBI Undercover Employee inside CC1’s place of business… to meet Braylovsky,” according to the criminal complaint.

Reports claimed that on Aug. 24, Dr. Anatoly Braylovsky showed up for a meeting with the tipster who was a no-show. A few hours later, an undercover FBI agent called Braylovsky and mentioned that they were supposed to meet between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. that day. He asked the doctor what happened. Braylovsky was thoroughly confused but pressed for the meeting. The agent then made plans with Braylovsky to meet at a Home Depot but claimed he didn’t have much time.

At around 12:30 p.m., Braylovsky met the undercover agent – who was wearing a wire – in the Home Depot parking lot. The undercover agent told Braylovsky that the tipster “reached out through a mutual friend, all right? Said you had a problem. I drove up here. What can I help you with.”

Braylovsky replied, saying that “So, I’m just, you know, in a fucked-up place… [I]t’s hard for me to trust anybody.” The undercover agent replied that “this is what I do,” explaining that “I am a professional, all right? And if I need to find somebody, I find them, OK?”

Anatoly Braylovsky began pressing the agent for information. The agent got defensive, telling the doctor that “now… understand, I don’t trust nobody either.”

The agent continued, saying “that’s why you asking where I’m from, I’m not going to tell you where I’m from. I’m not going to tell you my name, I’m not going to tell you anything about me. Matter of fact when this meeting is done, this truck is gone, everything else is gone. The phone I contact you on gets burned. All right? Because not only do you have to have trust in certain individuals, you have to know to protect yourself.”

The complaint outlined the conversation, revealing that Anatoly Braylovsky was extremely nervous during the encounter. He became defensive and couldn’t completely trust the undercover agent. After the conversation ended, the two parted ways.

According to the criminal complaint, “Braylovsky’s conversations with the [undercover agent] corroborated the information that CC1 told investigators.” It continued, saying that “based on the information in this affidavit, there is probable cause to believe, and I do believe, that Braylovsky committed the Target Offense. Accordingly, I request that the Court issue a warrant for his arrest.”

Reports claimed that the FBI rearrested Dr. Anatoly Braylovsky on Aug. 27. His bail has not been set.