It’s no secret that Dr Dre’s net worth is high. And that fact wasn’t lost on his now ex-wife, Nicole Young, and her attorneys. According to Rolling Stone, Young will walk away with a divorce settlement of $100 million following the end of their 24-year marriage.

The music news outlet reported that the $100 million total covered about one-fifth of his fortune and roughly half of his liquid assets. Despite attempting to be rap’s first billionaire, Jay-Z won the official honor back in the Summer of 2019, when Dr Dre was worth $800 million. Claiming he was the first rap billionaire at the time, despite Forbes placing him at $800 million, Dre had just finished a $3 billion deal with Apple to buy out his Beats headphones company.

Now, however, divorce papers acquired by Rolling Stone that were filed with Los Angeles Superior Court on Nov. 18 placed Dr Dre’s net worth at a significantly reduced $458.2 million. It is unknown what led Dr Dre to lose so much of his fortune, but it may have stemmed from legal costs, a large spending habit, and massive spousal support fees.

According to a court battle won by Nicole Young back in September, Dr Dre had to pay out $300,000 in temporary spousal support monthly, accounting for nearly $3.5 million every year.

The couple had been fighting over claims from Nicole Young that Dr Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, was not paying her the full amount. She also claimed that the rapper and producer forced her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement “under duress,” which the court allowed.

Los Angeles Superior Court also let Nicole Young win her bid to have three of Dr Dre’s alleged mistresses – Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson, and Crystal Rogers – testify in the case, accusing him of domestic abuse and once holding a gun to her head.

“During our marriage, I considered calling the police several times; but, as I fell deeper in to the abusive relationship, my fear of Andre outweighed any confidence I had that the police could help me,” she said back in January.

Nicole Young, Dr Dre's ex-wife, will walk away with 100 Million divorce settlement after an 18-month-long court battle
Nicole Young, Dr Dre’s ex-wife, will walk away with a $100 million divorce settlement after an 18-month-long court battle. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Dre has denied all of the claims against him, stating that “at no time did I ever abuse Nicole or threaten her physical safety”

In the bitter court battle, Young also served Dr Dre with divorce papers at his grandmother’s funeral back in October, reportedly enraging the rapper. TMZ reported at the time that the Beats Entertainment co-founder “coiled in anger” as he was being served, refusing to accept the court paper and forcing the bearer to drop them on the ground.

According to the divorce settlement, which took 18 months to finalize, Nicole Young will be required to move out of their Malibu beach home, but she will keep all of her jewelry, the Rolls Royce, the Range Rover, the Escalade limousine, and a Spyder motorcycle.

Dr Dre allegedly did not keep up with supporting his family either, as his eldest daughter LaTanya Young, 38, told Newsweek back in August that she was living out of her car and working as a DoorDash delivery driver.

“My kids are staying with friends—they are not living in the car, it’s just me,” Young said, a single mother of four children. “I’m taking odd jobs just to make it now… I’m trying to keep my head above water. I’ve been in debt for a while.”

According to LaTanya, Andre Young left her mother, Lisa Johnson, when she was just 5 years old. Lawyers for the hip-hop producer later told her that she would receive no financial support since she spoke ill of her father to the press about how he abandoned her after he left.

Dr Dre has yet to comment about his family’s financial troubles, or his own, since finalizing the long divorce court battle with his ex-wife.