Sgt. Ed Mullins, the former head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) police union, will lose $31,900 in docked pay for offensive tweets directed at city officials. The former sergeant had retired amid a federal fraud investigation in October and was also docked 70 vacation days.

According to the New York Post, Sgt. Ed Mullins tweeted out the confidential arrest report for Chiara de Blasio, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter, from the George Floyd protests this Summer.

Breaking protocol by posting the records online, Mullins also shared the documents completely unredacted, detailing her personal information such as her date of birth, home address, and driver’s license number.

Ed-Mullins' offensive Tweet about Mayor de Blasio's daughter
Ed-Mullins’ offensive Tweet about Mayor de Blasio’s daughter. Photo Credit: Twitter

Ed Mullins also posted the message from the official SBA union’s Twitter account, and wrote a message claiming that Mayor de Blasio wasn’t letting the NYPD “protect the city of NY from rioting anarchist when the Mayors object throwing daughter is one of them.”

“Now we know why he is forbidding Mounted Units to be mobilized and keeping the NYPD from doing their jobs,” he said.

In other offensive tweets posted by Mullins from the SBA Twitter account, he called former Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot a “b***h” over mask mandates near the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and he called City Councilman Ritchie Torres a “first class whore.”

“No member of the New York City Police Department, regardless of any other status, may violate the rules of the department and engage in conduct unbecoming a police officer,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said in an official statement. “Regardless of one’s position as a union leader, as long as they are still a police officer, they will be held to the laws, regulations, and standards of conduct required of all members of the service. Simply speaking: this behavior was unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, the FBI has been investigating a federal fraud scheme involving misused police funds that they believed traced back to Sgt. Ed Mullins. Raiding his home after his retirement due to the many scandals, FBI agents seized computers, boxes of documents, and files.

Ed Mullins has yet to be charged for any crimes in the investigation.

“I think a lot of what he has done has been really, really destructive, especially in the middle of a crisis where we’re trying to unify and we’re trying to get people through together,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told The New York Post. “I think he’s been a divisive voice, but that doesn’t cause me to feel anything in this situation, because I don’t know what’s happening.”

The two had been embattled in a bitter fight even before the pandemic, with Mullins’ animosity for de Blasio well-known on Twitter.

The outspoken police union head “declared war” on de Blasio back in February 2020, writing that the NYPD “do not respect you” and do not [want the Mayor to]visit us in hospitals.”

“You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you,” Ed Mullins claimed. “NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you. This isn’t over, Game on!”

Responding in March, de Blasio said that he had “no respect” right back for “the leadership of the SBA” union. He called him a “disgrace,” and accused Mullins of rallying “hatred” to divide the city.

Though usually outspoken, Ed Mullins, has not commented on the investigation or his recent financial losses post-retirement.

When newly elected Mayor Eric Adams was asked about the investigation by The New York Times, he said that “Ed Mullins and others who believe rhetoric like that are not going to be able to remain in these agencies.”

“Men and women who can’t fit into this new mode of policing,” he declared, “are going to find themselves going the way of the dinosaurs.”