Ed Sheeran just got approval to build a chapel on his estate in East Suffolk, England, but the singer has reportedly also applied to build a crypt below the place of worship, as well.

The 30-year-old has made numerous headlines in the UK regarding his bizarre “Sheeranville” estate, which also includes a pub, gym, and “wildlife pond.” Wanting to add a chapel, he told the East Suffolk Council that he sought a “private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer,” but fans were perturbed when the pop singer then immediately applied for a crypt.

“It’s pretty clear now that those of use weirded out by Ed Sheeran were right to be worried,” one commenter wrote on Twitter. “You know who else had a private crypt in the basement? Dracula.”

Ed Sheeran poses for photos with fans outside Rockefeller Center in New York City on Dec. 9, 2021
Ed Sheeran poses for photos with fans outside Rockefeller Center in New York City on Dec. 9, 2021. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The “burial zone,” according to The Guardian, will only be 5 feet 10 inches by 8 feet 10 inches, and will cost roughly $5 million (or 3.7 million pounds).

Other critics, such as Gawker‘s Kelly Conaboy, joked that the “Bad Habits” singer will have to be “pretty selective about the corpses he keeps there,” due to the small size of the crypt.

She also suggested that it could be some sort of “man cave where Sheeran communes with the souls of dead,” and hoped that “one day we can be one of those lucky different people who retreat [to Sheeranville] for contemplation, a pint at the pub, and a quick burial.”

In the British singer’s latest music video for “Bad Habits,” Ed Sheeran dressed as a vampire and revealed his fangs as he stalks the night.

According to the application filed with the East Suffolk Council, the chapel will feature a spiral-stair tower and stained-glass windows. It was designed by architects Donald Insall Associates, The Independent reported, and Ed also asked to use the building for private “family milestones, marriages, christenings and social gatherings.”

It is unknown if anyone else lives on the estate other than his wife, Cherry Seaborn, and their 1-year-old daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. From his designs of the chapel, crypt, and pub, however, it appears that Ed Sheeran is expecting some sort of guests on his property.

As The Guardian reported, the singer said that many people often visit Sheeranville, “rom many countries, faiths and customs, including for example the USA, Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria, Asia and Australia.”

It was unknown from the description if these people were family, friends, fans, or spiritual migrants, but Sheeranville will apparently be a haven of sorts for those who are allowed to visit.

“The applicant seeks to provide a space in which, he, his family and these different people can retreat for contemplation, prayer and relaxation,” the crypt application added, “to meet, celebrate, and meditate in peace and safety from disturbance.”

Ed Sheeran has notoriously butted heads with Sheeranville neighbors as he expanded his estate, including one incident in which a nearby resident called his “wildlife pond” a “swimming pool.”

The singer was reportedly not happy with the description and updated the press to reveal that he was constructing a “wildlife meadow” as well.

“I have got a massive beehive,” Ed Sheeran said. “I have this massive wildlife pond with newts in it, salamanders and there’s a grass snake that lives in there and hedgehogs.”

“I’m trying to buy as much land as possible and plant as many trees as possible,” he added. “I am trying to ‘rewild’ as much of the UK as I can. I love my county and I love wildlife and the environment.”

“I feel like I am going to get my head bitten off anytime I say that, as my job is not a hugely sustainable job as I go and play in cities,” he explained, “but I am trying my best.”