Ellen DeGeneres is under fire yet again, this time for driving her wife, Portia de Rossi, to the hospital after having three “weed drinks.”

The comedian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared a story that seemed appropriate for her talk show interview on 4/20 – a day known for marijuana-related shenanigans. Though DeGeneres thought the story was funny many critics slammed the talk show host for her reckless behavior.

The 63-year-old comedian told Jimmy Kimmel that she’s not a big fan of marijuana. Still, she revealed that she consumed three “weed drinks” just before finding out that she needed to drive her wife to the hospital for an appendectomy.

Speaking about the March incident, DeGeneres explained: “So, Chelsea Handler told me about these weed drinks, they’re called Cann, and they have CBD or [THC]—I don’t know what the good thing is. I drank one, and I didn’t feel anything, so I drank three, and then I took two melatonin sleep pills. And I’m laying in bed, and I realize [Portia’s] not in bed.”

“She’s moaning,” DeGeneres continued. “I get out of bed, and she’s on the ground on all fours, and I said, ‘You’re not OK.’ She goes, ‘I’m OK.’ I said, ‘Not unless you’re playing Twister by yourself, you’re not OK.’ So I rushed her to the emergency room.”

Kimmel was shocked at the revelation. “You drove her yourself?” he asked, visibly worried by her choices.

“I did,” DeGeneres confirmed. “I mean, I kicked in, like my adrenaline, because I just had to rush her there. It’s probably not safe.”

Not safe is right. But that didn’t stop her from spilling the beans. “I shouldn’t be saying any of this,” DeGeneres finished. Except, she did and fans are outraged.

This is not the first controversy DeGeneres has found herself swept up in. The host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show was accused of promoting a “toxic work environment” according to Entertainment Weekly. Despite her kind façade, she reportedly maintained an environment full of racism, intimidation, and fear.

Buzzfeed News report featured interviews with one current and ten former DeGeneres Show employees. Though they spoke anonymously, their accounts were extremely specific. They allegedly experienced racist micro-aggressions by the producers, and many employees were fired after taking medical leave or bereavement days to attend funerals.

Now many find it hard to laugh at DeGeneres’ jokes. Her latest interview with Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t seem to be helping.