The body of missing 22-year-old New Hampshire woman Emily Ferlazzo was found in her vehicle in Vermont on Tuesday, after husband Joseph Ferlazzo admitted to authorities that he killed her, according to state police.

Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, was charged with first-degree murder and was arraigned Wednesday morning in Burlington.

Authorities said Emily’s family reported her missing Monday night, after her husband told them she had fled from their vehicle during an argument on Saturday in Bolton.

“Joseph Ferlazzo told family members he went to a nearby store and when he returned to pick Emily up a short time later, he could not find her,” state police said.

Investigators said they were initially unable to locate her husband, but tracked him down to a convenience store in St. Albans, some 60 miles from Bolton. He agreed to accompany authorities to a nearby barracks, where police said he admitted to killing his wife in their van on Saturday morning.

Police seized the van after locating it in St. Albans early on Tuesday. Inside, authorities said they found the body and “other evidence that corroborated Joseph Ferlazzo’s account of the killing.”

“The vehicle, a small bus, had been converted into a living and traveling space that Emily and Joseph Ferlazzo shared and had used to travel to Bolton late last week,” state police said.

Joseph Ferlazzo was taken into custody and held overnight without bail. It was not immediately clear at the time if he had retained a lawyer.

Medical examiners are expected to perform an autopsy Wednesday to determine the manner of death and to confirm the identity.

The couple’s dog, described by police as “a medium-sized mix breed” named Remington, was also reported missing Monday night. The dog was later found, unharmed, at the home of Joseph Ferlazzo’s friend.

Police did not say if the dog was at he same friend’s house where the Ferlazzo van — and therefore, Emily’s body — was discovered.

Mourning Emily Ferlazzo

According to Emily’s Facebook page, the couple had married last October. She posted that she had moved to Essex Junction, Vermont from New Hampshire in last July, and had previously worked as a nurse’s assistant in an area hospital.

Prudy Schwarz, her stepmother, told local reporters that she had only met Emily’s husband once, but that she didn’t like him.

“Something didn’t click the first time we met him,” she said. “I don’t what it was about him, but we did not like him, and I said, ‘there’s something with his eyes, he looks evil in his eyes.'”

Schwarz recalled that Emily “was always very happy, she absolutely loved to sing, she was a good singer.”

“She was the girl that ran around in polka dot pants and a striped shirt, dancing,” she said.

Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, was charged with first-degree murder after he told police he killed his wife in their bus during an argument on Saturday.
Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, was charged with first-degree murder after he told police he killed his wife in their bus during an argument on Saturday. Photo credit: Vermont State Police

Joseph Ferlazzo’s Unclear Past

Joseph Ferlazzo’s Facebook page lists Reading, Pennsylvania as his hometown, and indicates he is named after his father, Joseph Ferlazzo Sr.

In October 2009, the wife of Joseph Ferlazzo Sr. of Reading, Pennsylvania was found dead in her apartment from multiple stab wounds. Police at that time said that 39-year-old Young Hee Lim-Ferlazzo was relative of one of her husband’s employees at a massage parlor who had recently been arrested on charges of prostitution.

Ferlazzo Sr. was interviewed by authorities following his wife’s death, and police said he was “cooperating” with the investigation.

No charges were ever filed in Young Hee Lim-Ferlazzo’s murder, and the case is still officially unsolved.