Eric Adeson is mourning the loss of his dog, a pug named Bucky, after he watched his girlfriend, Shelley Nicole Vaughn, throw his beloved pet off their apartment’s 7th story balcony. The Florida man was shocked and has filed a civil lawsuit against his former girlfriend.

“I was just screaming, I was horrified,” Adeson told The Post after the incident happened. “I lost Bucky and I lost someone I cared about. There’s just so much tragedy in this story. A part of me was thinking, ‘Is there any way he’s still alive? But the common sense in me said no way.”

Eric Adeson Shelley Nicole Vaughn
Bucky the pug died after he was thrown off a 7th story balcony. His owner, Eric Adeson, is devastated at his loss. (Credit: Eric Adeson via The New York Post)

Adeson said the tragic death happened Sunday morning at the Regatta Beach Club in Clearwater Beach, Fla. and that Vaughn had been drinking, smoking marijuana, and using prescription drugs before she threw the dog over the balcony. Adeson had been asking her to leave his apartment when she grabbed the pug.

The Florida man had previously filed a restraining order against her. The former couple lived in the same apartment building. Vaughn allegedly attacked Adeson back in Sept.

The 56-year-old said his girlfriend had already thrown his cellphone and keys before she grabbed the pug. “She picked up Bucky over there, and she just smiled and just threw them off the balcony,” said Eric Adeson.

According to police reports, Bucky fell seven stories and landed on the asphalt parking lot. Adeson said that he hugged his dog while he was lying on the ground and kept hoping that he would get up and start walking around.

Eric Adeson Shelly Nicole Vaughn
Shelly Nicole Vaughn is being charged with animal cruelty after she threw her boyfriend’s dog off a 7th story balcony. (Credit: Clearwater Police Department)

Clearwater Police arrested Shelley Nicole Vaughn for her crimes on Monday and charged her with aggravated animal cruelty, domestic battery and criminal mischief. She faces up to two years in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000. Eric Adeson is also suing Vaughn for $30,000 over Bucky’s death.

After her arrest, the Clearwater Police Department released a statement about the arrest. The statement said, “Police were called to 880 Mandalay Ave. shortly before noon on Sunday after Eric Adeson, who has been dating the suspect for several months, said Vaughn threw his 3-year-old pug, Bucky, off his seventh-floor balcony during an argument.”

“The suspect also tossed his cell phone and keys off the balcony and struck him,” the statement continued. “The dog was found dead on the pavement below. Efforts to locate Vaughn, who lives in the same condominium complex as the victim, were unsuccessful on Sunday. She was located this afternoon and placed under arrest.”

While Eric Adeson is suing Vaughn, he knows that no amount of justice will bring Bucky back. The Florida man originally bought the pug in 2019 as a companion dog for his puggle Sandy. The older dog battled cancer in 2019 and is currently 13 years old.

During a press conference, Adeson started crying while he talked about Bucky and how devastated he was about the dog’s death.

He said, “Never thinking in a million-years that Sandy would survive the cancer and still be alive at 13 and actually outlive Bucky. That’s the tragedy of it.”

Katherine Neal, Eric Adeson’s lawyer and attorney with Carey Leisure & Neal, said that her client is traumatized and that they are filing the lawsuit to make a statement in the community and protect other pets from being injured.

“We felt it necessary to do something big and loud to scream to the community that these kinds of acts are unacceptable. We are not going to allow that kind of behavior in our community,” Neal said. She added, “Several residents of the building witnessed the event as well, and the entire community is extremely upset over what happened.”