Erica Cloud is suing Tesla, the second female worker to file a lawsuit for sexual harassment allegations in less than a month. The assembly line worker filed the suit in California on Wednesday, alleging a “hostile work environment” and rampant sexual harassment.

Naming Tesla Inc. and her former manager, Erica Could described “continuous and pervasive” behavior at the California factory. She claimed that her manager inappropriately massaged her back and made suggestive remarks while she was working and that the human resources team did very little to curb the issue.

According to Reuters, Erica Cloud alleged that she is now experiencing retaliation at the factory from other managers, and continues to be subjected to harassment “stemming from animus towards her gender,” the lawsuit reads.

The luxury electric car company has yet to respond to the lawsuit, wherein Erica Cloud details the company’s failures to accurately address the issue or build a safer work environment.

Less than a month ago, another employee at the Fremont, Ca. factory location, also filed a lawsuit claiming rampant sexual harassment as well as the car company’s inability to respond and solve the problem.

“The pervasive culture of sexual harassment, which includes a daily barrage of sexist language and behavior, including frequent groping on the factory floor, is known to supervisors and managers and often perpetrated by them,” the lawsuit alleged.

According to the earlier lawsuit filed by production associate Jessica Barraza, “nightmarish conditions” at the factory led to a “male co-worker picking her up by her waist” and groping under her breasts.

Tesla under fire as sexual harassment lawsuits mount. Erica Cloud second female worker to sue in less than a month.
Tesla is under fire as sexual harassment lawsuits mount. Second female worker in less than a month sues car company. Photo Credit: gofra /

In an interview with The Washington Post, Barraza said that she was also subjected to verbal harassment, and claimed male co-workers would often refer to her figure as “coke bottle,” “onion booty” and “fat ass titties.”

On one occasion, a male co-worker stuck his leg in between her thighs, stopping her on her way to lunch. The incident, corroborated by a fellow co-worker, was her “last straw.”

“After almost three years of experiencing all the harassment, it robs your sense of security — it almost dehumanizes you,” Barraza, 33, said. She described one meeting with a supervisor who told her that she should wear shirts that draw less attention to her chest, despite “wearing a work shirt provided by Tesla.”

Scene from inside a Tesla factory, where Erica Cloud claims rampant sexual harassment goes unanswered
Scene from inside a Tesla factory, where Erica Cloud claims rampant sexual harassment goes unanswered. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Filing complaints in September and October, Barraza claimed that the company did not respond, leading her to file a lawsuit in November. Ever since, more women have been coming forward, like Erica Cloud.

Alisa Blickman, 33, also works at the Fremont location, echoing the claims of rampant sexual harassment at the factory.

“I don’t know if it’s the 12-hour shifts that get to these guys or what it is, they just act as they’ve never seen girls in there or something,” Blickman said. “You really feel like a piece of meat in there.”

She told The Washington Post that her complaints to human resources have also gone unanswered.

This past October, Tesla was ordered by a federal jury in San Francisco to pay $137 million in damages to a former employee, Owen Diaz–a Black man who claimed that Tesla workers often called him the “N-word” and told him to “go back to Africa.”

“Instead of a modern workplace,” the lawsuit alleged, “he found a scene straight from the Jim Crow era.”

“Owen and I both hope that this sends a message to corporate America to look at your workplace and, if there are problems there, take proactive measures to protect employees against racist conduct,” his attorney told reporters. “It is happening, and we need to do something about it.”

Tesla has yet to respond to the recent sexual harassment lawsuits filed by Jessica Barraza or Erica Cloud.