Erika Jayne is launching a new hair extension line called Pretty Mess Hair, moving beyond her legal woes and beginning a “new chapter” in her life. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star announced that the line will launch later this month.

The reality TV star, who is known for her signature bleach blond hair, is now making it easier for people to get salon-quality hair extensions at home. Pretty Mess Hair will offer both tape-in and sew-in extensions, (though Erika recommends the tape-in extensions for beginners).

“I have worn every type of hair extension on and off stage, and on TV for over a decade,” she told People. “So, I know what I love and works best for all situations. You name it, I’ve worn it!”

Erika Jayne is starting a new chapter in her life with her own hair extensions company. Pretty Mess Hair is set to launch later this month. (Credit: Instagram)
Erika Jayne is starting a new chapter in her life with her own hair extensions company. Pretty Mess Hair is set to launch later this month. (Credit: Instagram)

During her interview with People, the reality TV star revealed why she loves hair extensions so much and why she wanted to go into the luxury hair business. Erika said that hair extensions allow someone to change their hair length, color, and style without the hassle of going to the salon. They also require no commitment, because you can easily take them out when you want a change.

“There is not a ‘look’ I will not try, because the great thing about extensions is that you can quickly and quite easily take them out and still have your original hair. No permanent commitment, which makes it fun!” Erika explained.

The RHOBH star revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic was the best thing to happen to her hair because she allowed it to grow and heal without all the usual salon treatments. She admitted that during quarantine she had fun trying out new hairstyles and experimented with clip-in extensions and ponytails.

Erika said that having fun with her hair gave her some much-needed glamour during quarantine. Some fans suspect that Erika’s quarantine hairdos inspired her to launch her new hair extension line.

According to the Pretty Mess Hair website, clients can buy hand-tied wefts (sew-in extensions), machine wefts, X wefts, tape-in extensions, and keratin tips. For those anxiously waiting for a launch date, you can now sign up to be on Erika’s VIP list to get all the juicy details when they’re unveiled.

Erika Jayne is starting her own hair extension hair and fans can wait for the amazing products. (Credit: Instagram)

During all the hair talk, Erika Jayne also opened up about the difficult year that she has had. She explained that she is excited to start this new business and is looking forward to a “new chapter” in her life.

She said, “I’ve definitely had quite an interesting year, and being a part of a new business venture is both exciting and refreshing. It gives me butterflies. This is a new chapter of my life and I’m grateful to be moving in a glamorous, wonderful new direction.”

Erika Jayne, formerly known as Erika Girardi, spent the last year dealing with a nasty divorce and ongoing legal battles after it was revealed that her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, embezzled millions from victims of a 2019 plane crash.

The reality TV star was mixed up in the case, too. Tom Girardi’s estate claims that Erika knew about the embezzlement and used the money to fund her lavish lifestyle. She is currently being sued for $25 million.

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika has opened up about how hard all the legal drama has been for her. She also claimed that she didn’t know about her ex-husband’s embezzlement and hopes viewers believe her.

“There is a real boundary as to where I can and cannot go. However, if anyone in these cases has been proven wrong, I want them remedied,” she said. “Despite what you read; I have done everything they have asked.”