Erika Jayne’s net worth has taken a hit with her recent divorce and her ex-husband’s bankruptcy scandal. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has left her lofty mansion and downgraded to a smaller apartment.

The new Hulu documentary, The Housewife and the Hustler, has set a bomb off in Erika Jayne’s life. The documentary talks about Tom Girardi’s failed business and how he allegedly stole money from his clients. “The longtime L.A. lawyer has had his assets frozen and lost his license to practice law after being accused of embezzling more than $26 million in unpaid funds to victims of horrific accidents.” It also raises questions about how much Erika knew about her own husband, and this has caused her net worth to plummet.

Both Erika Jane and Tom Girardi are being accused of embezzling millions of dollars from Girardi’s clients and using it for their own personal gain. Recently, Erika has been dropped by her lawyers because they believe that she still possesses items that belong to the estate. Erika claims they’re gifts, but that didn’t stop her lawyers from jumping ship and releasing this statement.

“The relationship of trust and confidence that is essential to a properly functioning attorney-client relationship has broken down and, in the good-faith assessment of counsel, the relationship is irreparable. Withdrawal is appropriate under such circumstances.”

Before the scandal, Erika lived in a large Beverly Hills mansion with five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The mansion was recently put up on the market for sixteen million dollars to cover the debts that the couple owes.

Erika Jayne is used to expensive things. As a singer, actress, and former star of RHOBH, she is used to a highly lavish lifestyle.
Erika Jayne is used to expensive things. As a singer, actress, and former star of RHOBH, she is used to a highly lavish lifestyle. Photo Credit:

Erika was used to expensive things. In a 2017 interview, she told InTouch that keeping up with her lifestyle costs 40,000 a month! These expenses include clothes, shoes, accessories, and maybe even some plastic surgery. Erika also met with a personal trainer four times a week to get her ready for Dancing with the Stars.

Now, after the embezzlement scandal, Erika is getting used to a new kind of lifestyle – one that definitely doesn’t cost 40,000 a month. She has moved into “a fairly modest rental compared to what she’s used to — it’s estimated today to be worth $2.2 million and rents for $7,500 per month, according to Zillow — about five miles outside glitzy Beverly Hills.”

The rental has three bedrooms, three baths, a pool, a large living room, and just one walk in closet for Erika Jayne’s extensive wardrobe. It’s a lot less than the mansion that she is used to, but even during these hard times she is still trying to live the expensive lifestyle that she knows.

Recently, Erika Jayne was interviewed by Glamour, and she talked about the skincare routine that she just can’t live without. That routine contains nearly $1,800 worth of products!

Some are calling her tone deaf for talking about her expensive skincare while her husband is being investigated for embezzlement. Others are questioning where she is getting all the money to pay for the products that keep her skin glowing. Whatever the reason, this scandal is showing us that nothing can keep Erika Jayne down, especially when it comes to the expensive lifestyle that she’s used to.