Evander Kane, the NHL hockey player for the San Jose Sharks, is currently being investigation for allegedly submitting a fake vaccine card.

Front Office Sports, who first reported the story, revealed that he had violated the NHL’s Covid-19 protocol, but that the official rules and punishments are not entirely clear.

The rules state that a “lack of compliance will result in significant Club and individual sanctions, including potential forfeiture of games, fines and reimbursements of expenses, loss of draft choices, and/or ineligibility for participation in training activities.”

Interestingly left out however, was how using a fake vaccine card is also a federal crime in the United States.

According to U.S. federal law, anyone who uses, buys, or sells a falsified Covid-19 vaccine card could face up to 5 years in prison and a fine of over $750,000.

It was previously reported last week by Sportsnet that Evander Kane was being investigated based on a violation of Covid-19 protocols, but the reason was not specified at the time. Using a fake vaccine card is far beyond what fans suspected online, with many believing that he was simply just unvaccinated.

Many athletes, especially in the NBA, had begun a campaign against vaccination rules in sports. Kyrie Irving, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets, may lose tens-of-thousands of dollars for not getting vaccinated. Andrew Wiggins, a basketball player for the Warriors, was initially against getting vaccinated but later received his first dose after the league threatened to withhold his pay.

The allegation concerning the use of a fake vaccine card is just the latest in a series of investigations into the NHL star, however, as Evander Kane was already sitting out for entirely separate league probes.

According to Front Office Sports, Evander Kane and the San Jose Sharks previously agreed that he would not be attending training camp after reports surfaced of sexual and domestic abuse allegations made by his ex-wife, Anna Kane.

After their child, Eva, died in the hospital after she was delivered at 28 weeks, Anna Kane said her husband made her perform oral sex on him. In her statement, she said that he called her a “pathetic loser and stupid bitch,” later forcing himself on her saying that “you can’t rape your wife.”

“We take the allegations very seriously and have been in communication with the NHL,” the San Jose Sharks said in their official statement.

The couple is now in a bitter divorce battle, which includes allegations that he lost all their money in gambling debts was also raised. Anna Kane even claimed that Evander had fixed NHL games before to pay back people he owed.

“I have NEVER gambled/bet on Hockey, NEVER gambled/bet on a Sharks game, NEVER gambled/bet on any of my games and NEVER thown a hockey game,” Evander Kane wrote in response. “I would encourage people to realize that someone who goes to this length to try and jeopardize someone’s career with lies is mentally unwell.”

“I love the game of Hockey and would never do any of what was allege,” he said. “I look forward to cooperating with the league’s investigation, having my name fully cleared and looking forward to this upcoming season.”

According to Sports Illustrated, a January bankruptcy filing revealed that Evander listed $1.5 million in gambling debts.

“You were flying to different cities this year on OFF days with criminals to count cards at random casinos and told me the people that you are gambling with would kill me and Kensington if I told anyone,” Anna Kane wrote back on Instagram.

The NHL has refused to comment on the investigation as it is ongoing. The San Jose Sharks’ first game of the season kicks off on Oct. 16 in Winnipeg, Canada.