Vikings player Everson Griffen posted a disturbing video and screenshots of text messages on Wednesday saying that someone was in his house trying to kill him. In the terrifying video, which he posted on Instagram, the NFL star can be seen waving a gun.

The since-deleted video was posted to Everson Griffen’s Instagram Story on Wednesday morning and quickly went viral. Though the video was taken off of Griffen’s story, it has since been replicated and reposted through various other channels including YouTube and Twitter.

In the video, Everson Griffen waved a gun while hiding behind his couch, claiming to his viewers that someone was inside his home trying to kill him. The Vikings defensive lineman claimed people were trying to “pop [him],” before displaying his firearm and explaining that the weapon was registered.

“I still got clips left,” he said in the disturbing video. “This is my gun … registered to me, I bought all my bullets around town, (Vikings running back) Dalvin Cook helped me purchase this gun. It all belongs to me.”

It appeared as though Everson Griffen was keeping low to the ground, though the angle of the video makes it difficult to resolve what exactly was going on. Along with the video, Griffen also sent strange text messages to his agent and called 911.

In the text messages, timestamped at 2:06 a.m., Griffen said that “they can fine me Pico said***, Thank you for everything [Murph] daddy.” An hour later, Griffen texted his agent again, saying “I need help,” and “better call 911.” In the messages, he claimed that “people are trying to kill me,” before writing “Hello, I need help.”

A few hours later, Murph responded, asking Griffen if he was “okay.” Murph also asked his client how he could help and whether Griffen was safe, to which the NFL player responded with “Help, please.”

Mike Zimmer, the Vikings head coach, told reporters that he was aware of the situation, confirming that mental health professionals were at Griffen’s house attempting to resolve the situation. He did not provide any further updates regarding the incident or what happened to spark Griffen’s video.

What happened to Everson Griffen? NFL star posts disturbing video to Instagram Story
What happened to Everson Griffen? NFL star posts disturbing video to Instagram Story

In a statement posted to Twitter, the Minnesota Vikings said that “Vikings representatives and the team’s mental health professionals have been on-site at Everson Griffen’s home since early this morning and are cooperating with law enforcement. Our only concern at this time is the safety and well-being of Everson and his family. We will have further comment at the appropriate time.”

Courtney Cronin, a Minnesota Vikings reporter for ESPN, said on Twitter that “ESPN has obtained a copy of the incident report from the Minnetrista Police Department, which has been working with Vikings team psychologists since 7 AM to get Everson Griffen to come out of his home. Appears this situation is still ongoing.”

According to the incident report, Everson Griffen called 911 shortly after 3:00 a.m. from his home and claimed someone was trying to kill him. He told the 911 dispatcher that he fired his registered weapon but that no one was injured.  

Everson Griffen waved gun in strange video. Why NFL star thought someone was trying to kill him.
Everson Griffen waved gun in a strange video posted to Instagram. Why the NFL star thought someone was trying to kill him.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, Carver County Sheriff’s Office, and the Orono Police all responded to Everson Griffen’s home in the 5700 block of Hardscrabble Circle in Minnetrista, MN. And since 7:00 a.m., law enforcement officers and Minnesota Vikings psychologists have had constant communication with Griffen, though he has refused to leave his home.

It is believed that Everson Griffen is alone inside his home. As of Wednesday afternoon, officers were continuing to work with the NFL veteran to “resolve the situation,” according to the incident report.

Everson Griffen has been playing for the NFL for 11 years and has made the Pro Bowl four times. He has spent the majority of his career with the Minnesota Vikings, though he briefly played for the Lions and Cowboys during the 2020 season.

The Instagram Story isn’t Griffen’s first mental health scare. In 2018, the Vikings defensive linemen leaped out of an ambulance while it was taking him for a mental health evaluation. He was being taken to the hospital after displaying concerning behaviors such as threatening to “shoot someone.”