A 9-year-old boy named Ezra Blount was trampled and separated from his father in the horrific Astroworld Festival stampede on Friday. As Travis Scott fans stormed the venue to get closer to the stage, Ezra was thrown off of his father’s shoulders, and is now fighting for his life in a medically induced coma.

Crushed by fans, his father Treston Blount passed out. When he woke up, Ezra was nowhere to be found.

Bernon Blount, Ezra’s grandfather, told CNN that “he had my grandson on his shoulder,” and that Travis Scott was Ezra’s favorite artist.

“All the people pushed in and he could not breathe so he ended up passing out because of all the pressure that was being applied to his body,” he said, “and when he passed out, Ezra fell off his shoulder and fell into the crowd.”

Ezra Blount was later taken to Texas Children’s Hospital as a John Doe and treated for his injuries, but Treston didn’t know that about his son when he first got up. Calling local hospitals, he eventually found out that his son had survived.

“They did not know anything about him, his name or anything because he got separated from my son,” Bernon Blount said. “Instead of being seen or getting himself checked out, he went and tried to find Ezra and ended up finding him at the Texas Children’s hospital.”

According to the grandfather, Ezra Blount survived through cardiac arrest, liver damage, lung damage, and swelling in his brain, though he is now fighting in a medically induced coma.

“He’s a small innocent child,” said Bernon Blount. “He didn’t deserve that, he didn’t deserve that at all.”

Speaking with NBC News, Ezra Blount’s aunt, Taylor called the concert a “death trap.” She described the scene, saying that “the crowd just started going crazy,” and Treston Blount was screaming, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

According to Ezra Blount’s aunt, the 9-year-old boy has made it farther than doctors expected, and they’re praying that he continues to fight.

Devastated, the family said that “this was supposed to be a father-son outing for them to bond and it has turned into something horrible and tragic.”

“There needs to be accountability, not just from the artist or the event planners, but also from the city of Houston,” Ezra’s grandfather said. “When we go to concerts and different events we expect safety and security.”

The Blount family has since retained high-profile lawyer Ben Crump, who has worked on cases for the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others.

“The suffering that this family is going through is immeasurable,” the attorney said in an official statement. “This little boy had his whole life ahead of him — a life that is currently hanging in the balance because of the reckless mismanagement that ensued at the Astroworld Festival.”

“We ask everyone to send up the most powerful prayers they can as this family tries to grapple with the undoable damage that has been done to their son,” Ben Crump continued. “We demand justice for EB, his family, and all of our clients that left Astroworld with trauma.”

Eight people died as a result of the crowd surge at Astroworld on Friday, with many others like Erza Blount still fighting for their lives. If the family and Ben Crump file a lawsuit, it would be another in a series of dozens of suits filed over the weekend.

“I could never imagine anything like this just happening,” Travis Scott wrote on his Instagram on Saturday. “My fans really mean the world to me, and I always just really want to leave them with a positive experience. Any time I can make out … anything that’s going on, I’d stop the show and … help them get the help they need.”

A GoFundMe page for Ezra Blount was set up on Monday, where it has since reached over $11,930. Travis Scott has also offered to refund everyone’s tickets and will pay for the funeral expenses for those who died tragically in the incident.