Police identified Floyd Ray Roseberry as the man who threatened to detonate his “explosive-laden” pickup truck on Capitol Hill Thursday morning. The 49-year-old extremist is from Grover, North Carolina, authorities said. He stands accused of making a bomb threat while parked outside of the Library of Congress.

According to the U.S. Capitol Police, the Roseberry was “safely taken into custody” after hours of negotiations. The North Carolina man claimed he had a bomb in his black pickup truck and that he was planning to detonate the explosives if his demands were not met. The bomb threat sparked a massive evacuation of nearby government buildings and multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene.

Police identified Floyd Ray Roseberry as the suspect in the bomb threat on Capitol Hill. Demanded airstrikes over Afghanistan and new healthcare system.
Police identified Floyd Ray Roseberry as the suspect in the bomb threat on Capitol Hill. Demanded airstrikes over Afghanistan and a new healthcare system. Photo Credit: Twitter

The hour-long standoff began just after 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning after Floyd Ray Roseberry parked his black pickup truck on a sidewalk outside of the Library of Congress. He demanded to speak to President Joe Biden on the phone and wanted the United States to conduct airstrikes over Afghanistan. Roseberry’s bizarre confrontation was streamed on Facebook until authorities shut it down.

Police have not yet said if Roseberry really had explosives in the vehicle, but specialists searched the truck once they took the 49-year-old suspect into custody. Authorities claimed Roseberry had a propane gas tank in his car, though it was not clear if he had the ability to detonate it.

The five-hour standoff finally ended when Floyd Ray Roseberry crawled out of his black pickup truck. While the negotiations ended peacefully and no explosives were detonated, authorities still don’t understand what Roseberry’s exact motives were. So far, officials have not announced any charges against the North Carolina man.

According to an investigation Thursday, members of Roseberry’s family revealed that his mother had recently passed away. “There were other issues he was dealing with,” Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger explained.

Using Roseberry’s livestream, authorities were able to observe the inner mechanisms inside the pickup truck. They claimed it was stuffed with coins and boxes, though it’s not clear what those were used for. During the stream, the suspect claimed he had explosives that could cause serious damage. He seemed unhappy with President Joe Biden and outlined his issues with the current state of the country. Roseberry also admitted that he was unhappy with what happened in Afghanistan.

Capitol Hill bomb threat suspect identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry

“The first thing I want is airstrikes in Afghanistan,” Roseberry said during the livestream. “Kick that Taliban’s ass and keep them from killing people.”

Floyd Ray Roseberry also mentioned a “revolution” that has other “patriots” joining the cause. He told viewers that “the south is coming.”

Roseberry also admitted that he “lied” to his wife about his whereabouts. He claimed he told her he was going fishing when instead he drove 354 miles from Grover to Washington D.C. He did promise that he “won’t lie to her again.”

According to his wife, “her husband has been upset of the result of the Presidential election and votes for the first time in his life for President Trump.” She also confirmed that he changed his medication and was going through mental health problems. During his livestream, Floyd Ray Roseberry told viewers that “they cut off my healthcare,” and claimed he “can’t even get shots anymore.”

The Trump supporter was said to be an avid collector of firearms, according to his ex-wife. Crystal Roseberry, who admitted to reporters that she was once married to the suspect, claimed that she didn’t think he ever owned explosives.

“He said, ‘Hey, call the police, tell them to evacuate this street, and I’ll give you all this money,’” Kelsey Campbell recalled. “I said, ‘No!” and he threw the money at us and we started running.” It was after the students ran to the police and told officers what happened that cops finally confronted the man.