Frank Penkava, 42, was brutally beaten after he asked neighbors to turn down their music. Now, nearly a month later, Penkava’s family is speaking out about the horrific attack and hoping that the public can help provide some answers about their family member’s unidentified attackers.

The attack happened on June 14 outside of Frank Penkava’s home in Hollywood, Fla. The man’s mother believes that her son was attacked after complaining to the neighbors. Penkava is currently in a medically induced coma at Memorial Regional Hospital, and his family says he is unrecognizable after the brutish attack.

“We don’t know what damage has been done mentally, let alone all of the physical issues he has. It’s very disheartening,” said Penkava’s mother, Joan. She is worried that her grandson will never get to know his father. Penkava has a 3-year-old son.

Doctors say that Penkava’s condition is too unstable for him to receive the surgery that he needs. The hospital has tried to perform the surgery five times, but he has never been in a condition in which doctors can complete the procedure.

His family is now worried that he will lose an eye because of his injuries. Keeping him in the coma allows doctors to monitor his brain activity to see if there is any permanent damage from the attack. Until his condition stabilizes, the extent of the damage is unknown.

After being brutally beaten Frank Penkava was unrecognizable by his family. His sister says she knew it was him based on his tattoos.
After being brutally beaten Frank Penkava was unrecognizable by his family. His sister says she knew it was him based on his tattoos. Photo Credit: Instagram

A month after the attack, Penkava still has major bruising and swelling on his face. He has suffered multiple fractures to his face from the beating. While in the hospital, Penkava came in contact with an infection.

Gina Horvath, the man’s sister, says that while her brother continues to fight for his life every day, he is still very sick. The family has set up a GoFundMe page for Penkava. The page has raised over $3,000 to support Penkava and his family.

The money from the GoFundMe page is being used to pay for Penkava’s medical bills. The family is also offering a reward to anyone that has information that can lead to an arrest. Donations will help fund the reward and will pay retainers to the family’s attorneys. Since the attack in June, no suspects have been arrested.

“I understand that people get into altercations all the time and people’s emotions are high, especially over the last year, but there was nothing to warrant what they did to him,” Horvath said in an interview with NBC. Penkava’s family says that he was a calm man and that he has struggled with his mental health in the past, it never got in the way of his emotions.

“He went to work, did his job, and paid his bills. He didn’t bother anybody. So, for anybody to do what they have done to him, I am seeking justice and I will not stop until I have justice for my brother.”

After being beaten to a pulp, someone called 911 for Frank Penkava, but his family doesn’t know the identity of the good Samaritan and if that person was actually involved in the attack. His family says the police have been dodging questions about their brother’s case. The Hollywood police have not commented on this allegation.