23-year-old property developer Freddy Goodall was going through his old family home in Sussex, England, when he discovered a series of underground tunnels and over a dozen rooms.

In a video posted to TikTok that has since amassed over 4.5 million views, Freddy Goodall tours the 500-year-old estate, discovering each new underground tunnel for the first time.

According to the viral video, he first noticed something was off when he couldn’t find a door he once remembered in old photos of the 16th century home. Visiting the house and moving a bookcase that was blocking the door, he dug a little more and came upon what seemed like a secret underground tunnel.

“I searched for it but couldn’t see anything at first, then realized it was hidden behind a bookshelf,” he said. “Eventually behind one of the books, I found a hole that looked into the hidden room.”

After removing the books from the shelf, unscrewing the wooden paneling, and lifting the bookcase away, Goodall was shocked at finding a secret room.

“The wall behind was actually hollow” he said in the video, “and behind the bookshelf you can see a handle.”

After climbing up a creepy staircase and entering a room straight out of an old horror film, he found that one of the rooms had a massive wasps nest living in it.

“The room’s so huge my light won’t even reach that far,” Freddy Goodall said.

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Going deeper underground, Freddy came upon many more passageways full of old books, an old boiler, and a safe that he eventually returns to blow open with a blowtorch. “Do Not Open” was written on the back of the safe, which he says in the video series only wanted to make him open it more.

Finally getting the safe open with a jackhammer, it was revealed to contain more old books dating back to 1848 that contained, details about the estate. Old, spooky letters in the safe described ill visitors to the mansion, who hopefully are not haunting Freddy as he digs deeper into the tunnels.

Continuing on past the safe, Freddy found a series of what he later learned were servants passageways, so that they could move about the house without being noticed. Some of the rooms were even used as part of a boarding school, which seems very uncomfortable and scary.

“That looks creepy, but I think we’re going to go down there,” he said in the video as he documents his descent. Some of the rooms he even had to crawl through just to enter.

“People have said that they’ve seen the same ghost standing by my fireplace,” he later said about any ghost stories he might have heard, but he has yet to see it and continues to live in the house.

“I was excited to find something new in a house I have lived in for so long!” he told reporters. “I left the rooms as they were, I like that they have been the same for hundreds of years, there is so much history to be found in each room.”

“You need to run out of that house,” one commenter wrote. “It’s so haunted.”

Another viewer described the series of underground tunnels as, “Where a serial killer hides his bodies.”

Another man in Illinois found a series of underground tunnels under his house this past April, as well, detailing how it was part of an underpass that was never finished.

These stories are nothing compared to the woman in New York City who found an entire room behind her bathroom mirror, which was much like the inspiration for the original Candyman horror film.

Freddy Goodall has since started renovating some of the underground rooms, and is even converting one of the tunnels into a wine cellar!