Gabriel Boric, who became Chile’s youngest president-elect ever this week, revealed that he is a big fan of Taylor Swift, to the surprise of many of his young voters. Hailed as the “millennial president,” Boric is the first left-wing leader for Chile since 1973 and the first world leader to declare that he’s a major Swiftie.

U.S. President Joe Biden, who thanked Taylor Swift for her support in the 2020 Presidential Election, was in the running for leading presidential Swiftie up until Gabriel Boric won the election in Chile, as the 35-year-old proudly wears his love of the singer-songwriter on his sleeve (or more like his inside jacket pocket).

During a recent public appearance, young fans ran over and asked Chile’s new president if he was “a Swiftie, or not?” after rumors swirled of his musical tastes. Shocking the young female Swifties, Boric quietly reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a wallet-sized photo of Taylor Swift before walking away.

The swiftly-flashed photo appeared to be a Polaroid of the singer in a black top and tan pants, standing near a window and looking down. The young fans who asked him if he was a Swiftie freaked out in surprise after he showed him that he had the photo on him, which offered more questions than it did answers.

Was this a planned Swiftie reveal or does Chile’s president-elect carry that around with him all the time? Could Gabriel Boric be Taylor Swift’s next flame?

“I’m a swiftie too, but why did he have a photo in his pocket just ready to go?” once commenter asked.

“Swifties taking over the world one country at a time,” another Taylor fan wrote on Twitter, reminding others that Boric once revealed that he discovered the singer’s music during the pandemic.

Once tweeting “I feel #Swiftie” from his official Twitter profile, he said that his favorite album of hers was Folklore, which was released in July 2020 as a return to her singer-songwriter roots. He posted a photo of him wearing the album’s titular cardigan, named after the album’s lead single. He also posted a photo he had of Jesus with Taylor’s head photoshopped on top.

In an interview with Santiago radio station Los40 Chile, Boric said he was “converted by some of Swift’s biggest fans, whom he spoke with on the campaign trail,” according to the LA Times. He also shared how much he enjoyed Taylor’s rerecorded Red album.

Taylor Swift has yet to acknowledge the young Chilean president-elect’s newfound love for her music, but her massive fanbase will undoubtedly make his presence known to the music superstar.

“Wishing all the luck in the world today to Gabriel Boric,” one fan wrote before the election, calling him the “progressive, Taylor Swift loving, tree climbing, metal-loving candidate for president of Chile.”

Taylor Swift, the American singer-songwriter who captured the heart of Chile's new president Gabriel Boric
Taylor Swift, the American singer-songwriter who captured the heart of Chile’s new president Gabriel Boric. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

“The new socialist president of Chile singing Taylor Swift,” another fan celebrated. “The country is in impeccable hands.”

Gabriel Boric has also been seen sharing his love of metal music. He’s been photographed wearing merchandise from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Rammstein, and Tool. He has received attention over the years from his conservative opponents for his taste in music, as well as his tattooed arms and public appearances without a suit and tie.

He is not only one of the first “millennial” leaders of a country under the age of 40, but the first socialist leader elected in nearly 50 years.

“We are a generation that emerged in public life demanding our rights be respected as rights and not treated like consumer goods or a business,” Boric said in his victory speech. “Only with social cohesion, finding ourselves and sharing common ground will we be able to advance toward truly sustainable development — which reaches every Chilean.”