Amalia Alves and Amanda Alves were murdered in brutal fashion on an Instagram Live video. The disturbing livestream saw the twin sisters from Brazil executed in front of a large viewing audience on the social media platform.

According to witnesses who saw the stream, the two 18-year-old girls were shot in the back of the head in a ghastly gang-related execution. In the video, both Amalia Alves and Amanda Alves were forced to kneel while a group of individuals gathered around them. As the victims kneeled, gang members lifted their hair with their hands and exposed the back of the girls’ necks.

After a moment, members of the gang opened fire on the twin sisters. Viewers watched as both girls were shot in the back of the head multiple times in horrific fashion. Even after the girls fell over from the deadly gunfire, gang members continued to shoot bullets into their bodies. Reports claim the Brazilian twins knew too much about a drug deal and were a detriment to the gang’s plans.

The double execution, which occurred behind a complex in Pacajus in the Northeast state of Ceara, was livestreamed to the world. The video amassed thousands of viewers, according to a Brazilian news outlet. The bodies of Amalia Alves and Amanda Alves were found by residents of Pacajus on Wednesday morning in the same area the executions took place.

As of Thursday night, only one suspect has been arrested in connection to the heinous crime. Police arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of murder. The suspect was questioned by authorities but it is unclear if he is still being held by police.

A local Brazilian news outlet reported that the twin sisters were both mothers. Amanda Alves leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. Amalia Alves had a 6-month-old son.

Twin sisters were executed on an Instagram Live stream. The bodies of Amanda Alves and Amanda Alves were found in the Brazilian state of Ceara on Wednesday.
Twin sisters were executed on an Instagram Live stream. Their bodies were found in the Brazilian state of Ceara on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Instagram

The state of Ceara in the Northeastern coastal region of Brazil has seen a massive surge in gang violence in the last few years. The state’s capital city, Fortaleza, has seen a stark rise in gang violence since it is near a large port. The point of interest connects Brazil to Europe and Africa and has been the target of gangs who use it to smuggle drugs into the country.

In 2019 it was reported that the country’s most infamous gangs such as the First Capital Command (PCC), the Red Command (CV), and the Guardians of the State have all moved into the territory to gain access to the drug trade. In 2017, that movement caused a severe issue in Brazilian prisons, which saw hundreds of prisoners murdered due to gang violence.

Bus stations, government buildings, and banks in Ceara have also been the target of deadly gang attacks. Public infrastructure has suffered explosions and increased shootings. Though troops have been deployed to the area to control the threat of gangs, violence in the state continues – including the horrific execution of Amalia Alves and Amanda Alves.

The attacks in Ceara in 2019 were a major issue for the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro. The president entered office with tough-on-crime proposals, however, after two years, the city still suffers tremendously. Three rival drug gangs continue to vie for territory in the area.

After President Jair Bolsonaro entered office and issued his tough-on-crime agendas, the Brazilian gangs began to retaliate against the government. During the height of the violence in 2019, gang members torched vehicles and bombed government buildings, including an attack on a telephone exchange that left 12 cities without mobile service.

Fortaleza and the great Ceara area is still a focus for the government and a hot-spot for gang-related crimes. As their family and community mourn the deaths of Amalia Alves and Amanda Alves, the government continues the fight against the deadly gangs.