Five people were injured by a motorist during a Golden Gate Bridge crash on Thursday night in San Francisco, Ca., as the driver sped through an anti-vaccine mandate rally. Authorities are trying to figure out what happened to cause the incident, as traffic on the bridge was jammed by a few hundred protestors.

Two California Highway Patrol officers were hit, as well as three Golden Gate Bridge workers helping to direct traffic and keep protestors safe. None of the victims’ names were released, but they reportedly only incurred minor injuries and are expected to make a full recovery. One of the CHP Officers, will reportedly require crutches for a bit.

According to local news outlet KGO-TV, an SUV collided with a street sweeper at around 6 p.m. on Thursday night, where it was then sent the way of the CHP officers and Golden Gate Bridge workers.

Sgt. Mike Halls described the Golden Gate Bridge crash accident as “very hectic, but very scary when I saw my guys hurt.”

Several hundred people gathered for the anti-vax march which led to the Golden Gate Bridge crash to protest the mandate for health workers, police officers, and fire fighters to receive the vaccine.

“They were gathered at the sidewalk entrance onto the Golden Gate Bridge, and apparently there were individuals in the crowd that had stated their intent was to take over the lane of traffic,” CHP Officer Andrew Barclay told The San Francisco Chronicle. “Our intention at that point was to serve as a deterrent to try to prevent anybody from getting on.”

Another motorist was apparently arrested earlier in the evening as well, as he blocked traffic near the toll plaza to the bridge and got out of his vehicle in an attempt to fight with law enforcement on the scene. He was brought in and charged with resisting arrest.

“I’m advocating for choice in this issue,” a protestor told ABC News. “I don’t want people to be forced to put anything in their bodies.”

Some demonstrators were also holding signs that read “Stop the Fear” and “No Vaxx for Children.”

“I lost my job,” protester Muhammad Ibn-Riqib told Fox News affiliate KTVU, “and in a city that’s so progressive it doesn’t reflect what they do, I can’t eat in a restaurant, I can’t go to a movie theatre if I’m not vaccinated.”

Another protestor, Lan Nguyen, said that she lost her job as a radiologist over her refusal to get the vaccine. “If you give up this right, what’s it going to be tomorrow?” she yelled.

Many conservative Californians at the protest claimed that they were trying to “develop the antibodies” by taking organic, planet-based medicines.

The protest was organized by Leigh Dundas, a lawyer and anti-vaccine advocate who is being investigated by the FBI for her ties to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

She told The San Francisco Chronicle at the Golden Gate Bridge crash that requiring people to get the vaccine was “not just unconstitutional, it’s unconscionable.”

Dundas was reported to the FBI after inciting violence from her supporters the night before the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, later writing on Facebook that the Capitol police were the true aggressors of the incident, as well as “antifa thugs.”

“Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!” Dundas yelled in a video posted before the protest, according to The Washington Post. She told Capitol rioters that people would be “well within our rights” to take “traitorous” Americans “out back and shoot ’em or hang ’em.”

The protestors at the Golden Gate Bridge allegedly did not have a permit, KCBS Radio reported, as officers worked to quickly dispel an unforeseen demonstration.

“We shouldn’t have any vaccine being contingent on the right to be educated, or the right to go into a grocery store, the right to see a show,” a protestor said. “It should be, ‘my body, my choice.'”