One person is dead and seven more wounded after a gunman opened fire in a crowd at a homecoming event at Grambling State University in Louisiana early Sunday morning, police have announced. It’s the second Grambling State shooting this week, following a deadly attack last Wednesday.

No suspect has yet been identified.

The harrowing incident was caught on video, when gunfire erupted at around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday as students left a homecoming event in a campus dining hall.

“At the time of the incident, a homecoming event was underway in McCall Dining Center,” the university said in a statement posted to Twitter Sunday.. “All persons present sheltered in place and were released once the all-clear was given by University Police.”

According to the university, only one of the seven wounded was a Grambling State student. The victim who died was not enrolled at the school.

Unanswered Questions

In a Sunday afternoon press conference, police said they had not determined a suspect or a motive for the Grambling State shooting.

Authorities also said there may have been more than one gunman, and that the shooter or shooters may have been exchanging gunfire rather than targeting bystanders.

In a terrifying video captured by a student who attended the homecoming event, at least seven shots can be heard. The student who recorded the video was filming a fist fight between youths in the crowd, but the gunfire appears to come from somewhere else, and that altercation does not appear to be related to the shooting.

The names of the wounded have not been released, nor has the name of the victim who was killed. It’s not yet clear when more details will be available.

University President Discusses Violence

On Sunday, university President Rick Gallot noted that the school had been working with law enforcement in the run-up to homecoming to prevent any violent incidents from breaking out.

“Our campus community worked tirelessly to ensure that our students and others were safe for homecoming activities,” he said. “Yet, with all of our planning, all of our coordination … the entire Grambling State University Police Department along with our [Lincoln Parish] sheriff, Stephen Williams, who’s here with us, all of our local parish, regional, and state law enforcement partners, we still find ourselves grieving the loss of life and injuries, just as too many communities in our country have experienced as well.”

Gallot also appeared to imply, perhaps unintentionally, that he does not believe the shooter or shooters were students at the school.

“Why would someone come to the campus of your old Grambling and commit an act of violence as we prepare to celebrate our 120th year?” he asked.

Classes have been canceled for Monday and Tuesday, and the school is offering counselling for affected students.

Second Grambling State Shooting This Week

The mass shooting incident comes only days after another shootout killed a 19-year-old on campus last week. On Oct. 13, an shooting on campus involving three non-students left Damarius Murphy of Rayville, Louisiana dead and wounded an unnamed 16-year-old. Police are still searching for the suspect in that incident, 18-year-old Jatavious “Rabbit” Carroll of Delhi, Lousiana.

Louisiana State Police spokesperson Michael Reichhardt said Sunday that both investigations are still underway, adding that the deadly shootings don’t appear to be connected.

“Our investigators are doing everything they can. They’ve worked throughout the night and throughout the whole day to talk to witnesses to go over all the evidence that we have,” he said. “There were several different law enforcement agencies here throughout the week, but just remember this does take time for us and it’s a process and a sequence of things that we have to do.”

State police are asking witnesses to come forward with any information that may assist in either investigation.