Attorneys for Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed say the 24-year-old was “framed” for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. But District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies says she sees no evidence of sabotage.

“We are convinced that this was sabotage and Hannah is being framed,” Reed’s attorney Jason Bowles said. “We believe that the scene was tampered with as well before the police arrived.”

“I know that some defense attorneys have come up with conspiracy theories and have used the word sabotage,” the district attorney said, stating that there is no “proof” for such a claim.

When asked if “sabotage” could even be a possibility, the DA responded simply with “No.”

Speaking on The Today Show earlier last week, Reed’s attorney continued to push the theory, despite having no evidence to back up his claim. “I believe that somebody who would do that would want to sabotage the set, want to prove a point, want to say that they’re disgruntled, they’re unhappy,” he explained.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed has not used the word “framed” when speaking to the media. She reportedly met with Sante Fe authorities once again on Tuesday to provide what her attorney said was “critical” information.

“It’s probably more important to focus on what led up to the shooting, because the moment of the shooting, we know that at least Mr. Baldwin had no idea that the gun was loaded,” Carmack-Altwies said. “So, it’s more ‘how did that gun get loaded,’ ‘what levels of failure happened,’ and ‘were those levels of failure criminal?’”

According to the DA, she knows who loaded the gun, but refused to comment any further due to the nature of the investigation. If the identity of the person who loaded the gun is known, authorities are most likely now searching for how live ammo got on set, and if that person acted in criminal negligence.

DA Carmack-Altwies also revealed that 500 additional rounds were found on set along with the “lead projectile,” including live rounds, blanks, and dummies.

“We still don’t know how they got on the set,” the DA stated, noting that it was “concerning” no matter the reason that they were even there at all. “How they got there, I think, will be one of the most important factors going into a charging decision.”

The three biggest names in the Rust investigation are Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the head armorer in charge of the guns, Assistant Director Dave Halls, who was fired for handing actor Alec Baldwin the gun without checking to confirm that it wasn’t loaded, and Baldwin himself, who fired the round that killed Halyna Hutchins and injured the director, Joel Souza.

No one has been charged yet, but a crew member, Serge Svetnoy, has since sued the three saying that he was almost hit by a bullet due to relaxed safety protocols on set.

“They knew that their conduct created a substantial risk of significant harm and risk of death, yet acted and continued to act in willful, wanton, reckless, conscious, deliberate, aggravated, outrageous and reprehensible disregard for and contravention of the interests, rights, and safety of the cast and crew of Rust,” Svetnoy stated in the lawsuit. “There are many people involved in the filmmaking process. Every person should do their job and take full responsibility for it.”

Both Alec Baldwin and Rust Movie Productions have yet to comment on the crew member’s lawsuit or recent comments from the District Attorney.