Hannah Price, the stepdaughter of singer Chris Daughtry, died by suicide, her family said in a statement to TMZ

Price was found dead in her Nashville home on Nov. 12. No official cause of death was given at the time, though her mother Deanna Daughtry wrote on Instagram that the 25-year-old had “sustained injuries that caused her death.” 

On Wednesday, the Daughtrys told reporters that their daughter had taken her own life. They added that Price was “under the influence of narcotics” when she died, and had “struggled with mental illness,” drug addiction, and a string of abusive relationships in her final years. 

“We did everything we could to support her and get her the help she needed to recover from these tragedies and get her life back on track,” they said.

The Daughtrys also claimed that Price called them on the morning she died, saying that she feared for her life and that her boyfriend, Bobby Jolly, had abused her physically. No further details were immediately available. 

Deanna Daughtry, Chris Daughtry's wife, urged the public to stop spreading rumors that her daughter Hannah Price's death was a homicide.
Hannah Price, Chris Daughtry’s stepdaughter, died by suicide, her family revealed. Photo credit: Instagram

Suicide Confirmed, Dispelling Rumors

The family had previously spoken out only to dispel rumors that Price was murdered — a falsehood that originated when TMZ reported that her boyfriend was arrested in connection with her death. 

Citing a source “directly connected to the Daughtry family,” TMZ reported the day after the 25-year-old’s body was discovered that police told her parents the death was being investigated as a homicide.   

On Instagram, Deanna Daughtry called the TMZ report an outright lie.

Deanna Daughtry, the mother of Hannah Price, said rumors about her daughter's death being a homicide are unfounded and deeply offensive in an emotional Instagram post Friday.
Deanna Daughtry, the mother of Hannah Price, said rumors about her daughter’s death being a homicide are unfounded and deeply offensive in an emotional Instagram post in November. This week, she and husband Chris revealed Price died by suicide. Photo credit: Instagram

“We were not told that and never said that to anyone,” she wrote. “The day Hannah was found I shared some concerns I had with some people I know and said we won’t know anything for sure [until] after they complete the investigation.”

She continued: “Someone took that and went running with it or they talked to someone else who then made assumptions and went running to the press with it.”

Appearing to address the rumor that her daughter’s boyfriend was a suspect in her death, the 48-year-old mom said it was “wrong on every level” to accuse someone of murder “before all the facts are in.” 

Family in Mourning

Hannah Price’s boyfriend was arrested the same day her body was discovered, though police later said he was wanted for skipping a court appearance. 

Months before her death, Price and her boyfriend were arrested after police said they fired a gun at another car during a road rage incident. A warrant for Bobby Jolly’s arrest was issued when he failed to show up in court to answer the charges the week that Hannah Price died. 

Deanna said those allegations don’t offer a full picture of who her daughter was.

“Hannah was on this earth with us for 25 years. there is so much more to her story than what you are reading,” she wrote in an emotional post on social media. “Please stop making it worse for those of us who love her by spreading rumors and saying disgusting things about our family.”

Deanna Daughtry slammed rumors that her daughter Hannah Price was a homicide victim in an emotional instagram post Friday. The cause of death is still under investigation
Chris and Deanna Daughtry told TMZ their daughter Hannah Price died by suicide in November. Photo credit: Shutterstock

“My first born,” the grieving mom wrote in another post. “I love you endlessly Hannah.”

Her Grammy-nominated stepdad, who had recently lost his mother to cancer, wrote at the time he was “absolutely devastated and heartbroken.”

“Hannah, I love you. I miss you. I wish I could hold you. This hurts so deeply,” Chris Daughtry said

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