Harmony Montgomery, a 7-year-old New Hampshire girl, is missing and was last seen more than two years ago, according to authorities.

Police in Manchester announced at a press conference Friday that they are investigating the girl’s disappearance after receiving a tip last week that she hasn’t been seen since 2019. 

Officials set up a 24-hour, text and call tipline for information on Montgomery’s whereabouts, and combined rewards of $12,500 are being offered for any tip that helps lead to her rescue. 

Harmony Montgomery Missing for Years

News of Montgomery’s disappearance first broke midday on Friday, when the Manchester Police Department  (MPD) issued a statement that the girl was formally declared missing, and that she was last seen in October 2019, when she was 5 years old. 

“The circumstances surrounding this prolonged absence are very concerning and are being thoroughly investigated,” authorities said. 

It’s not clear who reported the child missing or when, and police have not shed light on the circumstances of her disappearance, her last sighting, or her living arrangements two years ago. 

It’s also unknown how her absence went unnoticed by authorities for more than two years straight, though Harmony was reportedly not enrolled in school in New Hampshire. 

On Sunday, MPD executed a search in connection with the case at a home at 77 Gilford Street in Manchester, according to the Union Leader. The present property owner is reportedly not a person of interest to investigators, but is cooperating with the probe, local news outlets wrote. 

Authorities have not revealed what — if anything — was uncovered at the property during the search.

Police searched this house Sunday in connection with the case of missing child Harmony Montgomery
Police searched this house Sunday in connection with the case of missing child Harmony Montgomery, who hasn’t been seen in two years. Photo credit: Google Maps

Missing Girl’s Family Speaks Out

Though MPD has given no official word on Harmony Montgomery’s home or family life before her disappearance, members of her family have made claims about the case to reporters and on social media in the days since her disappearance was reported. 

Just minutes after police announced that the child was missing on Friday, her mother Crys Renee Sorey pleaded for the public’s aid in the search. 


Elsewhere on Facebook, a woman claiming to be Harmony’s cousin said the child was “known to be in the custody of her father” at the time she disappeared. 

Most worryingly, a man who said he was Harmony’s great uncle — that is, her father’s uncle — told the Daily Beast late on Monday that the last time he saw the child in 2019, it was in the middle of a nasty domestic dispute that ended with a visit from MPD. 

Kevin Montgomery said that he was living in a house with Harmony, her parents, and several other family members at that time, when he and some of the other adults became involved in a fight on Oct. 19. Kevin said he was being denied entry to the home and was trying to push the front door in, when he called police to the scene.

It’s not clear if the shared family home was the same one on Gilford Street house police searched Sunday. Property records show that someone with the surname Montgomery owned the Gilford house until 2020. 

Harmony Montgomery went missing in 2019. No one called police until last week.
Harmony Montgomery went missing in 2019. No one called police until last week. Photo credit: Facebook

The dispute, Kevin told reporters, caused a rift in the family. Soon after, he said his nephew, Harmony’s dad, cut off all contact with several members of the family and blocked them on social media. 

It was the last time Kevin saw his grand niece. He said the girl “looked scared […] like a scared puppy,” and that she “was quiet, she wasn’t saying much.” 

MPD would not confirm as much to the Daily Beast, but that night may have been the last time anyone outside of Harmony’s immediate family saw her. Chief Allen Aldenberg said last week that her final sighting occurred that month, when officers responded to a “service call” at a residence in the city. 

Kevin Montgomery also claimed he called the police on his nephew months before in June 2019, when he allegedly saw the child with a black eye. New Hampshire officials declined to confirm that incident, citing confidentiality requirements for social services recipients under state and federal law. 

Authorities have not named any suspects or persons of interest in the case, though Kevin said he and others in the family “have been in contact with the Manchester Police Department and […]  will do whatever it takes to get answers.”

Harmony’s father’s name has not been reported, and it’s not clear if investigators have spoken with him. 

Have You Seen This Girl?

By Monday, MPD set up a 24-hour tip hotline for information related to Harmony’s bizarre disappearance. As well, a combined reward of $12,500 is being offered by two “local businessmen” and the Manchester CrimeLine, reports indicate.

Still, Chief Aldenburg declined again this week to give specifics on the case. He said the department is still treating Harmony’s disappearance as a missing persons investigation. 

If you know where missing child Harmony Montgomery is, call the Manchester Police Department immediately.
If you know where missing child Harmony Montgomery is, call the Manchester Police Department immediately. Photo credit: Manchester Police Department

“I am in rescue mode right now. This is not a recovery,” he said. “All efforts are focused on that Harmony is alive…until somebody points to me that proves that she is not. We have to operate under the assumption that she is alive.”

 “Help us find this little girl,” the chief added. Do what is right and call in. I cannot emphasize this enough: someone out there knows something.”

Harmony Montgomery was last seen in October 2019 when she was 5 years old. She is described as standing about 4 feet tall and weighing 50 pounds, with blond hair, blue eyes and glasses. She is blind in her right eye. To submit a tip, call 603-203-6060.