Heather Locklear’s weight gain shocked fans this week as she walked through a SoCal supermarket on Tuesday sporting a black tank-top, stretchy shorts, and a black baseball cap. During her time on Melrose Place, the four-time Golden Globe nominee was known for being super-skinny and ultra-sexy. The look this week was quite different.

The transformation was spotted when the star was leaving the luxe supermarket chain Erewhon. The 59-year-old left the organic food-centered market, which serves wealthy clientele, with a brown bag of foods. It wasn’t the brown bag that made headlines, though. It was a makeup-less Heather.

The star wore all black during her outing, a color famous for slimming down the figure. Still, Heather Locklear didn’t look like the thin, model-like actress we’re all used to seeing.

Dressed in a black top and bicycle shorts, Heather Locklear was noticeably heavier in June 2021.
Dressed in a black top and bicycle shorts, Heather Locklear was noticeably heavier in June 2021. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

The actress famously split from Chris Heisser in 2019, but the two got back together and are now engaged. When the two split, however, things weren’t looking good for Heather, who was signed into an outpatient treatment program after an extended time in rehab.

The move gave “her a great reset button on what is more important and this her sobriety,” according to Heather’s good friend. Chris “did not help her sustain her goals of sobriety,” and that just wouldn’t fly.

Shortly after the breakup, Heather Locklear was “doing great.” At the time, her friend said that “her parents” were “staying with her” and it was “a good development and comforting.”

“Heather needs grounding and normalcy and what better people to do that than her own parents,” her friend explained. “It’s a good thing in the end.”

It wasn’t long after the breakup, rehab, and eventual outpatient program that Heather reconnected with Chris. According to a source, “Heather and Chris are in a really good place now.” The February report claimed that “they couldn’t be happier. They each go out of their way to make the other feel special — she’ll cook for him, he’ll buy her flowers, etc.”

Heather Locklear was skin and bones at TNT's 25th Anniversary Party in July 2013.
Heather Locklear was skin and bones at TNT’s 25th Anniversary Party in July 2013. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

Now, a year after they’ve reconciled, Heather is back in the spotlight, but not for the reason she might have hoped. Heather Locklear’s before and after photos were quite dramatic.

Heather Locklear’s weight gain could be a result of Covid-19 restrictions. It could also be a side effect of medication. As her friend explained in 2019, what’s important is her sobriety.

Nevertheless, Heather seems happy. She and Chris are “planning on getting married and still want a small and intimate wedding,” according to an insider. “Of course because of COVID, they’re taking things slow and trying to figure out details. Both Chris and Heather want to make sure their loved ones can be part of their special day when that time comes.”

Heather has a long history of love, romance, and troubled relationships. Locklear was married to Tommy Lee from 1986 to 1993, and Richie Sambora from 1994 to 2007. She has a 23-year-old daughter with Richie.