Henry Hank Purchase was critically injured on Sunday when he was hit on the head by a rock while hiking with his family. The 6-year-old boy was playing at the base of a rock wall in Index, Washington when a rock plummeted and eventually smashed into Little Hank Purchase’s head.

The rock, which was accidentally kicked off the ledge by an amateur rock climber, fractured Purchase’s skull. The little boy, in critical condition, was airlifted to Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle, where he underwent a drastic surgery to save his life.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up to support Henry Hank Purchase and help pay off the massive medical bills. His family, who was hiking with the boy at the time, is heartbroken but holds out hope that their 6-year-old son will make a full recovery.

In the GoFundMe post, created by the boy’s father, Brett Purchase, it was described that Little Hank Purchase “was injured Sunday, July 11th, in an accident in Index WA.” The post explained that “a rock fell from above when he was playing at the base of the country and struck him in the head”

Henry Hank Purchase is still recovering from traumatic head injury while hiking. Little Hank Purchase was struck in the head with a rock while playing with his family in Index, Washington.
Henry Hank Purchase is still recovering from a traumatic head injury while hiking. Little Hank Purchase was struck in the head with a rock while playing with his family in Index, Washington. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

On July 12, when the post was created, doctors were still trying to decide if they would need to remove part of his skull to relieve his inner cranial pressure, or if there were another operation that could save his life. According to a constant stream of updates, Henry Hank Purchase had a successful surgery on July 14, in which doctors removed part of his skull to relieve a lot of his inner cranial pressure or ICP.

Brett Purchase shared that the 6-year-old boy still has a “long road to recovery” but explained that “Hank’s ICP has been hanging out in the teens or single digits. They were able to take him off of the paralytic so that they can do diagnostic tests to see how his brain is communicating with his body. Right now his pupils are dilating, his gag reflex is intact, and he can cough,” – all good signs.

In an update on July 16, Brett Purchased announced that though there was significant progress after the surgery, Henry Hank Purchase is facing some difficult trials. His father claimed there were “rough spots” and that there is a “complexity of his state” that is hard to grasp.

“The PICU team and neurosurgeons here are trying to achieve a delicate balance for Hank,” Mr. Purchase wrote in the most recent GoFundMe update. “The complexity of his state is hard for me to fully grasp, but they have to balance Hank’s internal cranial pressure, blood pressure, C02 levels, breathing rate, and other factors simultaneously.”

According to the 6-year-old’s father, “the neurosurgeons want to run a test but his ICP levels have been too high to allow them to. The team is working on a plan to give Hank meds to push his ICP even lower so they have plenty of room to conduct a test on his brain.”

On the brighter side, Brett Purchase thanked the incredible donors around the world, who have been funding the continuous medical rehabilitation Henry Purchase needs to survive. “Thank you again for everyone’s sympathy and generosity,” the father wrote. “Not only for your donations but also for so many of you reaching out to help in any way possible. It has been a shining light in this dark place.”

The GoFundMe campaign has raised over $52,000 since its creation on July 12. Nearly a thousand donors have supported Henry Hank Purchase’s recovery, and many are following closely to the updates provided by his family.

Little Hank Purchase is a known adventurer who has “seen a lot” and “likes going to new places all the time,” according to his father. “He’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and he still loves to be close to his mom and dad.”

Mr. Purchase added that while it’s been hard to see his son suffer, the family is overwhelmed by those who have supported the long road to recover, whether financially or spiritually. “They’re coming out for him and showing support for him,” he said, “and it means the world to us.”